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22/5 - Epi 258 ... Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Tuesday 22nd May

First thoughts ;)
- 87 comments before I wrote a single word - this has to be a record! Will need that second post today for sure :)) ... edit - make that 98 :))
- Thought I'd title this "Khushi, I Love You" ... but I want to wait for the real confession for that one. So Sandy's title wins the day :)

-  Gloatwa Ve ... Gloatwa Ve ... (to the tune of Rabba Ve) ... played out EXACTLY the way I predicted days ago, when the promo first released :)) And the ILU was a confession as well as a message ... whether the message was intended or not, but that is what will click for Khushi ... hopefully with a Heer Ranjha fb.

Quick update - it seemed like things were moving in fast forward mode today ... Khushi worried about Arnav, trying to find a logical explanation, a grown man can't go missing all of a sudden ... should she have hidden the truth ...
Anjali suddenly wakes up after three days and remembers that she's supposed to be the paranoid one, not Khushi ... so she dutifully goes paranoid ... Khushi sees her, tries to hide the truth from her with a pretend phone call, caught by Nani, she tells Nani the truth, Nani starts panicking ... MM overhears, tells Mami, Anjali overhears  ... and of course she collapses ... and all hell breaks loose ... the whole family comes to know in one sharp jhatka ... Akash decides to call the police ... VLR is completely alarmed, slinks off ... and promptly comes the phone call from Arnav ... who listens patiently to all th hysterics and the general chit chat, never letting on that he has a gun held to his head ...

And the last ArHi scene reminded me why I love this show and this couple ... :"> :"> :">

*edited - this will be a long one*
Things MOVED today ... and how!!! 
Continuing from the last scene ... Khushi back in her room alone, trying desperately to make sense of that phone call saying that Arnav never reached London, didn't check in at his hotel, didn't even board his flight ...
Typical Khushi ... she always takes time to think ... to sift through the information she has before she makes any decision or arrives at any conclusion (even if it's a crackpot one like Arnav trying to kill her! ... or the reason he married her ... or even whether Shyam could be telling the truth about being henpecked)
So she worries ... how can that be ... she saw him off at the airport herself, his flight was called, how could he disappear from the airport? Did he take the wrong flight by mistake? When he's angry, he makes mistakes ... and he was angry ...
Then she shakes herself ... that's a stupid thought, a flight is not a bus, that one can get on to the wrong one ... then what happened?!
She's so worried, she can't think straight ... she pauses ... should she tell Nani and Anjali? Did she do the right thing by lying to them? But Di will worry ... should she tell her?

On the other hand, Anjali suddenly remembers that her precious baby bro hasn't called her even once since he left, and all along she has been so occupied in consoling and reassuring Khushi that she forgot to do her usual freakout act for Chotey ... sometimes I feel Anjali does this for attention-seeking ... she loved being the wise counsel for Khushi, and now that Khushi is keeping it together, time for Anjali to regain centre-stage by throwing a tantrum! Or else it was just poorly written - after being so calm and cheerful about Arnav's silence, Anjali suddenly cracking up into near hysteria didn't gel ... the worry should have built up slowly ... maybe after Khushi made that unexplained decision not to go to London. This hysteria should have been a reaction to that decision, rather than just out of the blue - felt a little forced.

Khushi is still worrying whether to tell Anjali or not ... she hears Anjali worrying, refusing to take her medicine before she speaks to Chotey ... should she tell Anjali or not? She will freak out even more if she hears ... and Nani reinforces it b saying Anjali shouldn't worry so much in her pregnancy, so it would be best to call Aman and check with him ...
And Khushi galvanized into action ... if Anjali calls Aman, she will find out that Arnav never reached London, Nani just said that in her current state she shouldn't worry, it's not good for her ... so Khushi acts out a pretend call from Arnav ... he's fine, he's rushing for a meeting, he'll call Di later ... complete with bright smiles ...
Anjali leaves, relieved ... and Nani catches Khushi in her lie ... and knows that something is very wrong ...

Masala Mama roaming around at night ... Arnav Bitwa, when you get back, the first thing you need to do is invest in a big foolproof lock for your bedroom ... it's worse than Mumbai Central!
MM overhears the Nani-Khushi conversation ... Khushi confesses her lie to Nani instantly, and the reason ... (Khushi confessed to her lie spoken only to protect Anjali, and Nani understood and forgave her, Nani also saw Khushi's concern for Anjali ... again I feel Nani will be the next person to know Shyam's truth, and will understand Khushi's reason for keeping quiet, and will forgive her and stand by her).
And Nani hears that Arnav is missing, as Khushi tells her the entire story about the phone call, Arnav never boarded his flight ... and Nani panics instantly ... and once again, Khushi is unable to confide her own fears, has to hide them and instead take on the mantle of protector and comforter ... again the strong one in the family, taking Arnav's place in his absence ... reassuring Nani, he could have taken a different flight, he would be busy, maybe he didn't go for the meeting, he's busy somewhere else ... I saw him off at the airport myself, the flight was called and he went in ... and he did message me when he reached ... everything will be all right ...
She's pieced together all the facts, they all make sense, enough for her to reassure Nani, but not enough for her to shake off her own feeling that something is wrong ... but that for later, first she has to hold strong for the family ... because even Nani, the strong matriarch, is cracking and holding on to her for support ...
And Khushi begs Nani not to tell Di ... because Di will be even more upset ... that's why she had lied in the first place ... and Nani understands ...

But Masala Mama and Loudmouth Mami put paid to that plan ... after some light moments with HP and his marriage that wasn't ... :))
HP's comment ... even I didn't attend my own wedding!  =))
So MM and LM announce at full volume that Arnav hasn't reached London at all ... Anjali overhears and dramatically drops a glass of milk ... and equally dramatically proceeds to get completely hysterical ... very true to Anjali's nature, the last I remember her getting so hysterical was when her mangalsutra broke and Khushi saved it ... the start of this entire 'hide things from hysterical Anjali' track.
So everyone crowds around Anjali as she gives way ... she gasps out 'Chotey didn't reach London ...'

Three shocked faces ... Khushi, Nani ... and Shyam ... and Sham's face showed more consternation than shock ... Khushi and Nani exchange glances, they were trying to hide this from Anjali because they knew she would react this way, who told her?! Shyam in deep thought almost instantly ...

Why didn't Shyam organise that phone call from Arnav the moment Khushi was on her way to London? Or did he think that it would take her 8 hours to reach there, find out Arnav was missing, ask around and get worried, and true to her nature maybe hide things from the family as long as possible to protect them from worry ... Khushi would find out the truth when she reached London, but he still had a lot of time till that happened ...
But Khushi found out even before she could leave, and true to nature, she did hide it from everyone, so he still sat quietly ... probably warned the guy holding Arnav to be prepared to make that phone call ...
And when the news broke that was the time for the reassuring phone call to be made ... under threat at gun point - don't alarm your family or tell them you're in danger, or else your Di and Khushi will be killed ...

Akash gets into action, the head of the family in Arnav's absence ... look after Di first, that's priority ... leaving Shyam in deep thought ...

Di's room ... everyone crowding around her as usual, fussing, worrying, Anjali blasts Khushi, how could you hide anything about Chotey from me? Unspoken - you don't have the right, I have the right to know everything about him ... a tough call for Khushi, and no answer is right ... am glad Nani is with her on this one, and understands her reasons ...
Akash wonders why Aman didn't call him ... a shot of Shyam's face here ... so is Aman really involved? I thought that was a joke ... hmm ... but Shyam is definitely not playing a lone game here, he has to have an accomplice or a mastermind, I still don't think he could be the mastermind yet ...

But Khushi explains - Aman waited for Arnav the whole day, then called office, no one knew Arnav's whereabouts, that was when he called her ...
Anjali remembers the message from Arnav, Shyam seconds it - yes, he did message that he had reached ... but Anjali wonders belatedly, why didn't Arnav message her even once?
Shyam's face seems to indicate, oops, that was an oversight, I should have done that too ...

Khushi takes over the strong role again, trying to calm an increasingly hysterical Anjali ... Aman just said Arnav didn't attend the meeting, he wasn't on his scheduled flight ... maybe he got delayed, took another flight, reached his hotel late ...
Akash is not convinced ... but Arnav knows his Di, why didn't he let her know ...
Arey, Khushi has been saying this for the last two days, tab toh no one listened to her ...
Akash tries Arnav's phone ... no response ... Anjali weeps, he didn't call me back after my message, boo hoo, he never does that ... boo hoo ... Khushi tries to calm her down again ...
Anjali says we need to call the police, Akash agrees ... Shyam is very perturbed ... and slinks out of the room quietly ...
Khushi is worried ... police? Akash says, it's just as precaution ... and she's quiet ... yes, it's better ...

And the phone rings ... so late at night ...?
Anjali snatches it up ... Chotey?!
And a mixture of relief and scared disbelief on everyone's faces ... Payal, Nani, Akash, Mami, MM ... and Khushi ... is it really him? She needs to hear his voice for herself ...
But everyone else has to have their say first, starting with Anjali ... her usual emotional bursting out ... 'where are you, why didn't you call, don't you know how much we all are worrying ... why didn't you call, why didn't you message even once ...?

And Arnav finally makes his appearance ... disheveled, haggard looking, few words as always ... an apology to his Di for worrying her ... I'm sorry ...
She blasts again ... 'sorry?! Do you even know how worried we all have been here? We were going to call the police!'
A flicker in his eyes at the word 'police' ... did he think of saying Scotland when she said this?
'And why didn't you tell us that you didn't go to London?'
He closes his eyes briefly ... no, she's gone off track again, how he wishes they had called the police ... and he tries to give a hint ... 'I didn't go to London because I came to Scotland instead ...'
(Wonder whether this will be used by the cv's ... it was a good ploy, hope it was deliberate, and not just random ... but only Akash will be able to put this together, not Khushi ...)
He carries on ... 'I had a deal last minute, so I came here ...'
Anjali ... 'Scotland?!'
The whole family is confused ... including Akash ... Scotland?
Arnav closes his eyes and repeats it ... 'yes, I had a deal so I came here to Scotland instead of to London ...'
And finally Anjali gets around to asking ... 'are you all right?'
And he closes his eyes almost in exasperation ... she hasn't understood anything ... and he doesn't dare to say more ... 'yes, Di, I'm fine ...'
'all right ... take care of yourself ...' her last words ... and he swallows ... are those loving words the last time he will hear her voice?

Nani snatches the phone, her turn now to express her relief in scolding ... but he knows the love behind the scolding and mock-anger ... 'How are you, Chotey? This is the last time I forgive your carelessness ... in future, you have to call us regularly ... however busy you are ...'
A brusque 'Ji, nani ...' she's talking about the future, and he doesn't know how much of it he has ...

Manorama takes the phone, her very real affection showing through even through her light-hearted words ... 'what do you do? How did you reach Scotland ...?
'Yes, Mami, that ... it ...'
He knows he doesn't have to say much to her, she won't listen anyway ... she's busy on her own trip as usual ... 'get me something nice from Scotland ...'
The family smiles ... typically Mami ... even Arnav's lips lift in a small smile ... Manorama Mami will never change ...
Payal comforts Khushi ... 'now you know he's all right, at least now smile ...'
She tries, but she's aching to hear his voice once for herself ... waiting patiently for the family to have their say ...

Mami goes on 'and something for Mama also ... and how are you?'
Before he can answer, Akash takes the phone, he knows his mother can go on forever ...
'Bhai ... what's this deal about Scotland, Aman didn't tell me anything ...'
Arnav interrupts brusquely ... no one is getting any hints, and the one person he wants to talk to, whose voice he wants to hear, is probably not even there ... no one is giving her the phone, no one is mentioning her name ...
'Aman doesn't know anything about it, no one knows, I'll tell you when I get back ...'
And his phone time is running out ...
'Listen, I may not be able to stay in touch, the reception isn't good here ... don't tell Di, she'll freak out as usual ...'
Akash looks at a tearful Di and nods understandingly ... and Arnav continues with some hesitation ...
'And look after Di ... and ... K ...Khushi ... ' and his face changes even as he says her name ...

Akash understanding again ... 'of course, I will ... here, speak to Khushi ...'
God bless Akash!
And Arnav's face changes yet again ... she's there ... waiting to talk to him ... the way he was waiting to talk to her?
And Khushi gazes yearningly at the phone, scared, trembling, apprehensive ... waiting, longing ... puts it tremblingly, almost hesitantly to her ear, as though scared what she will hear ... they parted on unhappy terms ... she was begging him to stay, he went away ... he didn't believe her, he said she had lost her last chance ... he spoke to everyone in his family ... will he even talk to her?

And she slowly walks away from the family circle ... leaving them celebrating their relief ... while she waits to hear his voice ... just once ...

Does he sense her presence on the phone? Can he hear her soft breathing as she wait? Or can he just sense that she is there, holding onto the phone fearfully,
Yes, he knows she's there, he can feel her ... and it's even more difficult than he thought to keep his calm in front of her ... with everyone else he could be strong, play cool, because he had to safeguard them ... as he always had ... but when she breaks, he has no defense, no strength left ... because she is his strength ...
And he has to summon all his reserves just to say her name ...
'Khushi ...' 
She hears his voice, hears him say her name ... and the dam breaks ... tears flowing freely as she clutches onto the phone as though it's her lifeline ... her one connection to him ... she holds onto it with both hands as though she won't let it go ... she was trying to hold strong for his family, but he is her strength ... when he's not there, how can she be strong ...
And he feels her break down ... he can feel every tear, every sob that she's trying desperately to keep silent ...
'Khushi, I'm fine ... main theek hun ...'
He knows ... that's all she wants to know ...not where he is, why didn't he call, what will he bring for her ... none of that ...  just 'aap theek ho?'
But now the dam has broken, she can't stop ... the last three days of waiting, of worrying, of unexplained fears, unspoken nightmares ... the final tension of his unknown whereabouts ... now he's on the phone, she just wants to hold on to him and cry her heart out, cry out all those fears and worries ...
'Please ... mat ro ...' 
And he knows ... he knows she's crying ... she was crying when he left her ... begging him to stay and give her a chance ... how he wishes he had listened and stayed back ... because now he doesn't know whether he will get another chance ... and if she doesn't stop crying, he will break completely ...
'Khushi, bas ... stop ...'
She tries, she really does, but the tears don't listen ... unbidden, with a mind of their own, they keep coming ... he's alive, he's there, he's talking to her ...
'Khushi, rona band karo ...' how to make her stop, it's tearing him inside, listening to her silent tears, it's killing him that he left her crying ... the last words he said to her were goodbye ... will those be the last words between them? Will he leave her with his hate ... will she never know what he really felt for her?

The words don't come easily to him ... he struggles ... really struggles to say them ... she always wanted the words, and he was never able to give them to her ... but when death is staring at him down the barrel of a gun, they come ...
'Khushi ... main ... Khushi main ...tum ...'
She holds that phone as if it's her oxygen, her lifeline, her only link to life ...  

Jab jo bura kaha, uska koi matlab nahin
jab jo bura kiya, uska koi matlab nahin 
iss pyaar mein sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahin hai ... bas iss cheez ka matlab hai ki main hamesha hamesha tumse ...

And today he completes the sentence ... gives her the words she was asking for ... because he might not have another chance ever ...

'Khushi ... I ... love you.'

And her eyes snap open in shocked disbelief ...
His face is suddenly calm ... he said it ... the words locked inside him for so long, struggling to get out, yet beaten back inside every time by memories of sights seen, words overheard ... but now all that doesn't matter any more ... he loves her ...
And he waits ... for her reply ... whatever it is ...

And Khushi's eyes move from disbelief to barely dawning hope ... as a single tear finds its way out again ...

Precap - yes, he said that staring down the barrel of a gun ... well, that was about the only way Arnav Singh Raizada would ever have said those three words ... when her answer even if it was a deathknell, would only hasten an already certain fate ...

Thoughts :
And those three words will now become Khushi's strength, her determination ... like Savitri, she will hunt her man out from the jaws of death ... she's been given a second chance at life, and she will not lose it.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Bitwa dhika .... He called Di? Now that was a surprise :D

    1. Sama,

      Dikha..abbe isse jyaada aur kyaa dikhegaa..

      SN: Shwethu tujhe ab lagta hai peetal bartan.

    2. usse itna dikh ne ki zaroorat nahi .... phir bhi dil toh maange more!! Kya voice hai yaar !!

      Khushi rona mat ... Just stop it Khushi !!

      Damn that new Rabba Ve ka tadka!!

      Khushi ka khayal rakna ! Hayeeeeeeeeee

    3. Sama,

      I know..Di aur Khushi ka khayaal rakhna. Finally an acknowledgement of the 2 women in his life. MU gayi teyl lene.

      Now I seriously ant some self inrospection scenes for ASR - OO hang on maybe taht is what they meant by him shooting some FBs in some spoiler!!

    4. Phir se spoiler *face palm* nah I don't want spoilers anymore (better said than kept) ... spoilers spoils big time.

      Wese what was the spoiler about again :P

      Yes yes it should be a bawajood ... with all correct Fb's .... Should be must be!!!

    5. OH !! Did he say Di too?! I only heard Khushi .... Selective hearing ;)

    6. Sama,

      He told Aakash, Di aur Khushi ka khayaal rakhna.

      And spoiler pata nahi yaar - itna saara cheej ghooma but I recall someone was cribbing about why BS wud come to set and shoot FBs. Are we getting another Tu Hi Bataa Mere Maula scene?

      But picture abhi bahut baaki hai, pehle woh mileein, phir jeeyin phir Khushi jab poochegi toh tu dekh Arnav will backtrack because by then he will know she is innocent and he will deem himself unworthy of her.

    7. Sandy All those introspection will come for timepass while he is at the kidnappers.

    8. Before bitwa goes on his unworthy glory can we have the much awaited HUG-You are my life! .... all cuddled &sleep off on recliner IF they are not ready for bed even by then.

    9. Shwetha,

      Haan so new FBs of his thinking and voila BS is on screen again so phangirldom happy.

      Uske RTR pe jaane se pehle HUG hone chaahiye..recall I told J AR36K waala hug fundaa ;)

      cuddled and sleep - u will have to make do with Khushi clutching his shirt and collaosing on recliner for now.

    10. Sandy for all the 'phangirldom happy'....all of us 'mature people' also seem to be pretty damn chuffed at BS' reappearance...

      Can I just add...

      I just said today that his scruffy-just kidnapped look had better be good....and it didn't disappoint....(irony-he goes for days without shaving at home but at the kidnappers adda he's properly shaven and looking all Arnavish- yes thats an adjective :-p)

    11. He has a haircut too Gargi ;)

      Meherbaan kidnappers ... lol

    12. Gargs,

      I told these girls taht for me a large part of ASR is teh way BS palys it and I don't want him replaced.

      OO and yeah just the right kind of beard and not the shaggy one.
      girl u fess up are u sure u r a lawyer or some corporate types and not an IPK crew member. U correctly went missing when BS went otu for movie shoot and all weekend he was shooting and u were ribbing abt high work load *eyebrows raised in suspicion*

    13. Hahahaha...if only you knew Sandy...;-)

    14. And u make a visit to the sets soon followed by a move to Mumbai.
      U know what if I see better clothes for ASR upon his return and non glitzy earrings for Khushi and those tackly hairclips go missing - I think I can give fuel to my suspicionswhat say ;)

    15. Sandy hairclips have already gone missing ! think think !

    16. ROFL...!!! okay one of these days I'll explain what exactly Im doing in Mumbai:-)...

      And btw..costumes are handled by production services dept in general...no costume designer as such:-( can you believe it...so depressing....

    17. Sama,

      In that Di aur Khushi ka khayaaal..there was a loong pause after aur as if a heart vs. mind was happening and then he said khushi ka khayaal rakhan - matlab dil jeeta na

    18. Gargi, you seem to have picked wayyyy too many details about IPK for such a brief trip ... spill the beans rey!!!

      SAndy ... Di aur Khushi ko chhodo ... the way he struggled to say Khushi ... main .. tum ... I love you ... that was epic!!! Dil totally won over dimaag ... victory cry issued!!!

    19. Yes!!! I loved how he hesitated and it was as though he didn't want to...but he may never see her again and even the his head knows she is the culprit his heart can't help but want to keep her tied to him..keep her safe..

    20. Dia,

      I KNOW.....Now I recall why I fell in love with this show in the first place.

      ANd did u catch the Kh when he starts off..hey bhaggu!!! That scene was well shot and superbly edited..

      am sure u will write about how Khushi clutched that phone as if it was a lifeline in ur edited post tomm..

    21. It has so many subtle interpretations and u can see BS totally rocked in that scene...

      It was a mix of drumming up courage to say it, will she listen to it? do i have a chance...maybe not but i can't not say it knowing i may never have this chance to say it to her ever again....such intensity in that scene and how difficult it must have been for both BS and SI as they are in the same frame....great work....

  2. Sandy...are u a prophet or what? may 22nd...mark the date u said, we did......"kids on IF going crazy...singing mera piya ghar aaya o ramji"

    i haven't watched...will be back soon....bye

    1. Rekha,

      Gate No 22 ka kamaal hai sab :D

      Oh and btw, did we get the baawajood bit rrey - hmm will need to wait and see tomm.

      Aaj toh forum main aag lagegi...Kohraam Machegaa

    2. oh yeah 22 duwar se prastan karein .... Sandy what observation that too when work was loaded .... Wah wah wah !!!

    3. hey Sandy...what a prediction girl....perfect.....kuch aur bhi predict kar naa

    4. Geetu,

      Aaj more than for myself but for all u girls sake I had my finger crossed ki he should show up. And then toh he did and some more :D

      And it was not a prediction yaar. CVs keep feeding us tidbits.

    5. clinking virtual coffee mug and toasting Sandy's keen observation skill...honestly the first thing I did after the episode was double check the date and I was thinking...Sandy is so gonna be one smug cookie today:-D....brilliant ...so whats next Sandy? When will they meet now?;-)

    6. Gargs,

      Huggs swets - u chked the date LOL. mug not sure but yes grinning like a babboon :D

      Meet - hmm thoda soche ka pari

      CHEERS TO THE BLOG AND ALL U WONDERFUL GIRLS - I would not have made an effort if it were not for all of you....

      Aaj sugar free jalebis, cafe mochas and some cake for all of u

      Shweths - ur order is deferred for tomm because of vrat - ofc coffe toh piyogi naa?

  3. Diaaaaa,

    GLOATWA VE GLOATWA VE!!!!! 22nd May and a Terrific Tuesday?? You better be ready for that follow up post aaj toh double century hona hi hina hai...

    1. Sandy ... hats off to you ... kya KAMAAL ki observation power hai! Right on target!!!

      You know, in the evening I was thinking about your remark that TRP week ends on Tuesday, so Monday Tuesday are the best episodes ... today should be good :))) And lo and behold, yehi hua! Terrific Tuesday?!

      Back after the episode ... still another 50 minutes to go here :(

    2. OO D,

      I did not think of that. Hmm makes more sense. Ab kal phir thoda darshan and then maybe again no sighting till next week. kya pataa.

      Btw I am all enthu about pulling in the evil chacha here. It is revenge for him and money for VLR. Only thing is will chacha be happy wih pittance or perhaps VLR promised him Sheesh Mahal.

      Have a sneaking suspicion that they may again on the usp of weekend let loose an implied ASR is dead *ducks* "oh ok not the mad phangirls at IF so can stand up..phew!!" and again junta goes mad and then spoliers will trickle galore...

      And Shweths will have her Khushi running and hugging him moment because she cannot believe he is alive!!

    3. Dia,

      Just call it Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon yaar aaj

    4. OMG Dia,

      You did!!! HUGGS ....

      I refresh feed to check for follow up post and see teh title for the day is no longer Kidnapped!

      And what do u mean by it played out exactly like u said it would..was this when I was away...? Please need link to said comment.

  4. Sandy tu se great ho!!!

    will come back .. after the episdoe ,

    1. Aaru,

      Ab bas, ronaa band kao..OMG these CVs have such a sense of humour..I am sure that was for all the pankhaas going nahee waapas aa jaao :P

    2. Sandy: IKR, This is why I find it hard to be mad at them for so long, kya Sense of humor hai yaar, very adorable.

    3. GOSH....

      CVs pulled a fast one on us....

      I am not the drooling types.....but seriously...i wanted to say today "TUSSI NA JAO" ...BS_SI rock....I have not ever seen a more pathos filled confession in my life........

      I was getting mad with all the RM folks while they were on the phone to Arnav.....shouting give the phone to Khushi...on the top of my voice...and my voice, is pretty much gunthroat voice....

    4. *ROFLMAO* ...... Rekha ditto here .... My bro usually disturbs when I am watching IPK .... Rabba Ve ki intensity mein woh bhi kho gaya aaj!

      Kudos cv ! Muah muah muah

    5. Rekha,

      I am sure that Gul and Co were happily sipping Pina Coladas while chilling out at the spa the entire weekend doubled over in laughter at the haalat of the junta....

    6. Rekha : same here, even i was getting impatient and my bro was laughing at me..... finally Akash gave the phone...and i was like girl say something....ask him why he dint call anyone..... else he wont know u are worrying for him.... but then she dint need to.... loved that shot.....

      but then its not the MU clearing yet......... just the forgive and forget.... where he wants to tell her how he feels, since he thinks he isn't going to make it out..........

    7. Rekha,

      Smart bunch of people. Last week when everyone ws speculating is he leaving or not then tehy released that promo. All weekend people went gaa gaa and then taht interview again triggered it. They just sat back knowing ki aaj ke epi main what they will show.

      Now again people will go back to OMG did u see that and what better way to tell people ki yes guys he is on the sets and shooting so chill

      Au yahaan hum sab RANTWA VE karte rahe...Uff!

    8. Sandy,
      there was one kid(i presume) on IF during the live update that posted..She was never happy seeing anyone in her whole life" hehehehe..

      Gosh, i don't know who is more smaaart 4Lions, or BS or Madmidass...yeh BS ke khabar ko aisa ghumaya ki Sherlock Holmes chakkar khake gir jaata...hum kis khet ki mooli hain...

      Sandy but bowing to u...fantastic observation/analysis powers...

    9. Pina Coladas @ Spa *rofl*

    10. I have to add here ... hats off to Sanaya, man!!! She gave that totally tongue in cheek interview on SBS - Barun ne phone kiya, kya haal hai, Tintin, maine kaha come and shoot, so he came and we shot a scene ... vahi masti mein ...

      bloody hell, the girl knew what scene they'd shot ... the whole cast and crew must have been ROFLing over that one!!!

  5. OPTI,

    Happy B'day!! Good Surprise hmm :)

    1. Happy Birthday Opti .... Kya din hai !!!! :D :D :D

    2. Hey Happy Birthday Opti!! Lovely episode for your birthday:-)

    3. Happy Birthday Opti!!!hope you had a blast!!

    4. Thanks Sany, Gargi and Sama, but its not my B'day as yet!
      I guess the gift arrived a day early, not that I am complaining. Hubby was keen to take me out tomorrow but I was reluctant, not wanting to miss the much awaited moment. Now I guess I can let myself be taken, that is if he is still game for it. Must say he was pretty ***ed off with my disinterest yesterday and I am too proud to ask him!


    5. Aww Opti,

      Recall those famous words of IPK, pyaar main EGO nahi rrey..he is ur hubby rrey - just kiss and makeup tommorrow.

      Huggs and muah for a dhaasu bday. That scene will repeat tomm too so it is a double dhamaal on ur bday

    6. Opti, happy birthday for tomorrow ... awww, make up with hubby now ... the scene is safely over :))

    7. Sandy, Dia. Don't worry, I can't stay grumpy with my hubby for long but I do get the kicks acting hard to get. Still the attention seeker, even after 17 years of marriage!


    8. Advance mai Happy Birthday Opti,

      Oh I can so relate to that, I was so happy my hubby's return trip got delayed by a day lol ! and he was like What The!!!

    9. Opti,

      Wish u a lovely time!!

    10. Thanks Aarti and Rekha.


  6. mogambo.. khushh hua.
    except for anjali freaking out today suddenly (after 3 days?), everything else was perfect.

    sandy, taaliyaan!

    1. J,

      Huggs bey...So 11 days of real time and 3 days of IPK time?

    2. Chalo 11 ka mystery solve huwa !! *rofl*


      Anji was busy with Khushi bejo London nah and then she wasn't expecting him to contact her on Maa's b'day .... So the next day khushi does not go to London because of 'bura waqt' hence her frenzy start as she can't reach her chote.

    3. Yep that Anjali wakes up late but drums up a frenzy that even Khushi couldn't do with last 10 days of worrying....our poor baby...

      TQ is not named thus for nothing.

      On Akash, i felt, it was in keeping with generally how men react, they just get to brass tacks...yes, he could have asked about Bhai's wellbeing before asking about deal tho...chalo maaf kiya

    4. Elo till yday we were all wondering why Jr Bita did not get the call from office. And aaj jab woh true to business spirit wonder kartha hai ki what business deal because kuch hai nahi toh we say he is worried about deal more than bhai..

      Sigh bechaara Aakash ;)

    5. Akaash ki galti nahi hai .... Aman did not inform him :)

    6. Nahin yaar...i felt Jr bitwa was very much in character..tats the men behave in such situations...they will not panic and start calling police or wilt becos a man hasn't reached a place on time....its just that added touch of bhai..sab teekh...yeh scotland ka kya deal hain...i thot...but it was a very gud scene..

      That Anji baby was only saying "singular HUM" not mentioning plural "HUM", ek word toh bolti "khushiji kitna worried thi..aur hum use London bhejne wale the"
      Meanie girl she is....always wilting and crying

    7. She has always been like that .... cva are going to twist her for sure ... i mean not bad but not forgiving. After all she will have to let go the man SHE loves. No matter what he is !

  7. I couldn't resist so me back

    Dam good episode,

    Am sure now Shyam is the middle man, is Aman the guy who is holding ASR???

    Loved the ILU beautiful ...
    as i said Shyam leaves the scene, and Arnav calls, ASR all tied up on gun point, and the best Bitwa did mean the ILU yepiiiiiiii.

  8. Sandyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*Gloatwa vey*

    Khush to aaj bahut hogay tum.

    Behana Charan kahan hain tumharay...Ofcourse unfortunately I cant touch it bey since I am older than you, khud hi touch kar lena, Abs exercise ho jaayega.

    And I am Eating My IPK Diet in that peetal bartan:)

    Waisay my tippani next post:)

    1. Shwethu,

      Abs exercise ki bachchi - I am sure you went THUD seeing hotwa on screen and hence the delay in coming here to give tippani :P

      Btw tujhe kya lagta hai Evil Chacha ka connection kya jai? huh *wags eyebrows Khushi ishtyle* because I want that reunion to be in Lucknow rrey!!!

    2. My daughter had too many tabs opened at her Barbie.com site, compu hanged, so had to restart everything.

      And today off all days everyone is calling me:(

      The voltage is horrible today at home too:(

  9. *Head desk* WTH was that Thada reaction from Akash, Mostttttttttttttt Disappointed and it didnt occur to him to call the police, woh bhi Anjali ko strike hua. Yeh to Anajali say bhi bekaar nikala.


    I saw Shyam slip away so obviously he had them make that call.

    Now the question?

    How did Shyam manage to arrange so much money for it, is it being financed by some one else.

    Arnav 3 din say ek hi chair may?


    ASR is someone who talks MONEY? Why isnt he offering to get the kidnappers to release him so he can secure his own release?

    I have a feeling I am going to get an answer to the sanskaari Kidnappers explanation tomorrow, god knows I have ranted about it so much.

    BS...Can you watch tonite's epi even on You tube, Thank you.

    Confession - Epi starts, I am expecting BS/ASR in precap..FBs come and I think BS your movie better be worth it cos that emotional connection was just gone for me.

    And he says I love you, struggles to speak, ASR and the connection is back*

    My power went off for a couple of minutes luckily came just in time for ILU.

    I again and accept the second helping on Peetal Bartan my IPK diet, Khushi should think he is saying ILU, HE IS IN BIG TROUBLE.

    Think Castle:)

    1. Shwethu,

      In your excitement or (hunger) did you eat off some of that last sentence? I did not quite get it.

      I Know I am waiting ki precap main aayega and bam he was there in the CU. Would have fallen off chair but was sitting on floor LOL

      Check the scenes before the ILU..aiyyooo what conflict.

      Ruk bey!! woh scene kal bhi thoda play out hogaa.

    2. I screamed literally .... and then on R&R !! See surprise is good ... Ab if mishti said he would be seen at so and so CU ... sab pheeka ho jata nai!!!

    3. Sama,

      Moral of the story dont lookout for spoilers. I am telling you after this if the IPK team just shuts up till next week, people will go crazy wondering.

      Anyways all the main channels have laid out track for the next 3 to 4 days. So the best would be to pack your wings and sit back.

    4. Sandy:I am on a fast today lol, asli wala..hence eating my words and pet filling.

      Castle bey, sandy....Castle is held at gunpoint by 3xkiller and tells the killer he wants to make one last call to his family to say goodbye, calls his mom and tells her i love you mom, she immediately realizes he is in some form of danger and alerts Beckett...Yaad aaya?

      Sama: So true, ENOUGH of spoilers just give me the show and let me surprised:)

    5. Shweths,

      I don't watch it. IPK is the ONLY show I have been seeing in the past many many years.

      ANd yeah His ILU will trigger Khushi to think of HR and she will think the worst possible. But I really want my MU ke baawajood bbey!! jis din se woh khayal aay hai na dimaag main, I have hoped he says it sepite what facts he knows of because he does love her.

    6. SHIDDAT BG ! I hate surprises .... Gosh I loved it today !!

      Holi without I Love You .... Every word felt as if they were saying I Love You

      Today he said I Love You .... It felt he had said so much more.

      Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon !!!

      Love you more and more ArHiSaRun

    7. SANDY: HE DID SAY IT COS HE LOVED HER. She will realize this guy is not so open about his feelings especially considering the circumstances, he could have come back and said it to, that should ideally get her brain ticking.

    8. Sandy,

      Mere khaleje mein thand pad gayi...i always wanted bitwa to say ILU when he hasn't solved any MUs....in fact....if it was any other way,i cannot accept this story....Its a big big condition...

      when he asked her to stop crying....i could not let my tears stop..then remembered, he said that to Khushi not me....went on crying....AM I MAD? yes Surely

    9. SHWETHA

      YES HE SAID IT COS HE LOVED HER. Khushi will think worst in terms of ki Arnav ki jaan khatre main hai if she thinks HR.

      It should get her brain ticking but again she is going to be soo worried about him now that she will again ease to introspect his feelings towards her..she will think Kyun unhone kahaa..but recall that day she told Mahadev "no it is not about me". she will agian be the only pensive one and VLR is going to needle her again ...Aiyyoooo

      Ooh so when he does come back will it be like hospital scene where she runs and hugs him and sayys " I thought I had lost you once, I do not have the himmat to lose you ever again"??

    10. Naaaaaaaaaaaaah I want this one from bitwas side .... not running and all but maybe when no one is around just hugs her tight before she can say anything.

    11. Sama,

      Woh bhi hoga, RTR ke end main. Is baar BG ke wishes ke hisaab se let her have that dhaasoo reunion she wished for in yday's comment.

    12. BG did .... Scenes wanted or post 21/5 ?! me want to read.

    13. Post 21/5

      She was scolding me for telling J that Khushi could quasi rescue Arnav because she wanted him to rescue himself and then see her across a room - the works!!!

    14. Thanks .... ok lets get to it one by one ... pehle khushi on recliner :)

  10. So now that bitiya know she doesn't need to prove her innocence .... He loves her .... Whether she believes or not .... Takes it as him being in grave danger or not ..... Now she will search the papers with all her heart and hopefully destroy it. Hence, VLR &Associates will have to either force Bitwa to sign papers again or release him, if VLR doesn't want Arnav to know ( that doesn't make sense but still)

  11. Just caught last bit of epi...........*THUD* (earth shattering) ;)
    ........ seriously tho, did you guys see the bolegaindia spoiler about papers making their way back to Khushi and Shyam being exposed as the kidnapper?


    1. Aki
      I still bet for evil chacha !!! and want papers to come back to Khushi and hope she burns them this time...

    2. Burn Burn Burn .... Burn VLR with it too !! At least burn some fat !!

    3. Aaru,

      Me too me too..hoping VLR is just teh middleman!

  12. http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=2991932

    Confession uncut video:)

    I am watching it now:)

    Oh and I actually paid attention to the promo today and when THE vo SAID achanak nafrat say Pyaar, I WAS LIKE Dude, What do you think has been happening since the past 11 months.

    Fantastically enacted by BS & SI...AWWWWWWW TOO DAMN GOOD!

    BS come back asap, give us asr give us arhi and uskay baad jo karna hai karo, our wishes anyway are with you and Sanaya always.

    1. Actually I was happy watching BS today. Although their scenes were shot differently the editing was good.

      So Infact ASr has been kidnapped and he kidnapping himself option is out, so its either Shyam has done it alone or is a middle man.. I so want the second one.

      one more question,

      was the guy holding the Gun was Aman by any chance. because Aman never called Akash to inform him that ASR hasn't reached london.

    2. @ Aaru...hahahaha Aman finally got fed up of running AR group and decided that this was the only way to get his boss' attention away from his wife and discuss a pay raise....:-)

      Wouldn't blame the guy:-)

    3. You know shwets, I so want a reaction from Khushi letting Bitwa know she heard him, may be just Kya or just Arnavji would be fine and then the kidnapper can take away the phone !!!

      So what do you girls think? that Bitwa knows 'khushi is innocent? or its like we were discussing, bowing down to his feelings???

    4. Aaru,

      Ab theyhave never shown us the omnipresent Aman till date have they!

      Need to rewatch that scene. Mind was still hung on Rabba Ve and very very fuzzy

    5. Gargi .... kaisi ho ?! Mindwa mein sirf office office khelat ho ?!

    6. Gargs,

      Beauty and the Beast poem you quoted

      And then unexpectedly
      Somebody bends

      As of now he does not know she is innocent. All he knows is he loves her.

      U waut his Di's words will come to haunt him
      1. from bhai dooj when she told him you must talk properly to people because you never know whether it is the last time you see them
      2. Payash wedding when she told him if you have something in your heart then say it out aloud when you have a chance and don't think too much

    7. but isnt aman the faithful ar employee? why would shyam risk enlisting aman?

    8. Gargi

      hello bey !!!

      yep bechaara has always been ASR's punching bag, will take all his kasar now !!! Lol the best will be if will be also pinning for bhabiji !!!

    9. Sandy I hope ILU under MU, and its his Dil ki baat.

      What I felt odd is if he did not know about khushi why did he ask Akash to take care of Anji and Khushi? and it sounded as if he knew they are in danger. ? may be I seeing too much into it..

    10. Thank u Shweta for the link..those 2 mins will make the TRPS hit the roof!!! and BS wants to leave this for a movie?? 11 kab hoga!! i am getting impatient here!!cant believe i missed it!!!

    11. Aaru,

      Blog Genie ne bol diya na - ILU under MU and he meant it. Bas bol diya toh bol diya!

      He asked Aakash to take khayaal because he is unsure whether he will be around to do so. ANd dil ki baat aa gayi kyunki pata nahi uske liye "Kal Ho Na Ho"

    12. Anon,

      No one told us he is a faithful AR employee. We all knew he is ASR's right hand man and that he knows of everything that happens in ASR's professional life.

      He also has access to all official deal details and the office.

      Ofc he may be a good egg but margin of doubt rakhe ka padi.

    13. Sandy

      Am all for ILU under MU. Infact I so want that, yes when dil ki baat aa gayi to kya Khushi kya Di or kya Mami uff

      what is it all guys of RM getting into Arhi's room ? CV's Dandaa, now only Akash is left.

      and for your Kal Ho Na HoTu .... Tu Jane Na..

      Kaise bataye kyun tujhko chahe
      Yaara bata na paaye
      Baatein dilon ki
      Dekho Zubaan ki aankhein tujhe samjhayen
      Tu jaane na
      Tu jaane na

    14. Haaayyee Aaru,

      This is one nice song yaar!

    15. Shwetha - I so TOTALLY agree - BS HAS to come back and complete the serial. Baad me jo kuch karna hai karey, but he simply can't leave IPKKND! Love the way he gulped when Akash asked him to speak to Khushi, the way he enunciated each word, the unspoken understanding between the two - phir se phisal gaye...............sigh.........

      Anyways, looks like there is someone else running the kidnapping show and Shyam is keeping an eye out at RM.... can't wait for tomorrow's epi to air....


  13. Dia,

    Looks like we are gonna hit a century even before you post today :D

    Every time page refreshes I see 4 to 5 new comments...And I am refreshing every 2 minutes

  14. oh my already so much activity??WHT HAPPENED!!!damn i missed the show!!!ayyooo

    1. OH YES !!! Anita you missed the show !

    2. kya re Sama...aaj hi itna sab hona tha!!!

    3. I know wasn't excepting it at all .... i loved cvs simplicity today .... that sweet smile he had when he was listening to mami .... firm voice when talking to hid Di .... & then BAM!! All guards down ... Khushi rona mat !! Hayeeeeee

      Off to watch it again .... actually its on rerun as I am typing.

    4. Anita, go and watch it NOW!!!

      Am off to watch the last scene again ... damn, her silent tears, his 'Khushi, rona band karo ...' hayyyeeeeee ....

    5. Anita .... Dead or Alive after watching !

    6. Sama...barely making it :) it was soo worth the wait..that last scene..i am working on a few articles and have "listened" to that scene a million times already!!oh wooowww...BS ka voice sounds soo damn good...that modulation.hayyeeee....

      will write more in the morning!!

  15. Replies
    1. Dil mangta 100 before Dia updates ;)

    2. Close !!! 87 when I started typing ... 98 by the time I hit Post!!! So should I make continuation post before I hit the sack tonight?! Just asking *rofl*

    3. Naiki per askingwa nahi karat chahi :D

      Thanks for the second post .... i know by the time I come back from school even that will hit 100 !

  16. oh my... i always knew IPKKND was popular ... but so much my God...And to think i was the only one hooked on to the show now seems so .... you know ...

    I just landed on your site searching for updates and must say as much as i've loved Dia's posts i'm loving each and every comment.. Cheers!

    1. Hi Anon....

      looks like the IPK wave is reaching far and wide..there is that great appeal in the story and the leads have done full justice to that story....no wonder we are behaving as if we own them....
      Please let us know ur name, even a pseudo will do and don't forget to put in your intro details in the Intro post. Dia, has always mentioned we like to see this tribe grow and also know what keeps us so glued to this serial and blog...cheers

    2. Hey Anon, welcome ... please give name, pseudonym, alias, age, marital status and degree of madness :)))

      Yep, IPK has some universal appeal ... a simple love story, that's it ... and the whole world loves a love story ... especially when acted by such a stunning looking pair!

    3. Wow that was quick :)... I'm mehreen .... 28... from Kerala... married .. degree of madness let me see... compared to you guys i'm a newbei :P

      I agree you guys... but i feel more that the story its that these guys are soooooo good looking and the chemistry is just eLECtrifying.... This is my first daily soap... never used to watch anything neither malyalam nor hindi and used to make fun of my mum for watching them.... now she makes fun of me :)

  17. Couldn't resist posting this song for ARHI esp Arnav

    Tere bina zindagi se koyi, shikwa, to nahi, shikwa nahi, shikwa nahi, shikwa nahi
    Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin, zindagi, to nahi, zindagi nahi, zindagi nahi, zindagi nahi
    Tere bina zindagi se koyi, shikwa, to nahi

    Kaash aisa ho tere qadmo se, chun ke manzil chale aur kahi door kahi
    Tum gar saath ho, manzilo ki kami to nahi
    Tere bina zindagi se koyi, shikwa, to nahi

    Jee mein aata hai, tere daaman mein, sar jhuka ke ham rote rahe, rote rahe
    Teri bhi aankho mein, aansuo ki nami to nahi

    Tum jo keh do to aaj ki raat, chaand doobega nahi, raat ko rok lo
    Raat ki baat hai, aur zindagi baaki to nahi


      I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this song Rekhs!!!

    2. Rekha,

      Yepii ditto,

      esply Jee mein aata hai, tere daaman mein, sar jhuka ke ham rote rahe, so fits,

      You know when I saw Khushi consoling Nani and Anji ,I was so angry with CV's for not letting her become more emotional, but when she hears his voice ... Dam burst... and I was Like CV's I eat my words!! that impact wouldn't have been if they showed Khushi not holding it till the phone call from Arnav...

    3. Sandy.....mee too yaar...do listen to it....i just did...the last lines today made me cry....i know i am silly thinking of fictional charatcers.

      i would laugh when elderly ladies used to pray to Arun Govil considering him Ram in that serial ramayan....now the joke is on me....some of those ladies are laughing at me from heaven!!

    4. Absolutely LOVE this song !

    5. BEEEAAAUUUTIFULLLL Song ... love the movie and all the songs!

      Ji mein aata hai tere kadmon mein sar chupa ke hum rote rahein, rote rahein
      teri bhi aankhon mein aansuon ki nami toh nahin

    6. Love the song - the most romantic song ever made - you can actually feel the pain as if its living thing!


  19. Just now watched the episode online . wow i don't have words !! if the confession thrugh phone can have so much impact then how it will be when they confess really :) Arshi you rock .. My heart went for Arnav today ..

  20. ok girls Mishti 's spoiler of new Promo

    Khushi knows that Bitwa has been kidnapped and she is contemplating if to ask help from Police or a Detective!! and Mama is watching/listening to her.

  21. Jab jo bura kiya, jab jo bura kaha , uska koi matlab nahin -- Barun is the best :-)

    1. lol ... Sahana full on IPK ishtyle :D

    2. Sama - Yep, can't wait to catch the epi on big screen. Can't get anything done at work today, so much going on at R&R, trying to read the posts whenever I get a chance. Also have to catch up what you gals discussed last night.

      But I was so upset (sheepish) at BS yesterday. Feel so bad having yelled at him (well, virtually!!)

      @Sandy/Gargi - Completely agree with you gals, God knows, I don't want BS to be replaced as well.
      How can someone emote so well ?

      I'm still shaking..

    3. our worries are not going to change what team has in their mind. so chill and enjoy .... if BS can manage both movie and tv and respective PH .... emote so beautifully .... why the heck should we complain!

    4. Yes, I am eating my own words today :-( Will sit back and enjoy and let the experts do their job .

      That was my resolution before I went to bed last night.

  22. I don't want to take anything away from the others because everyone did such a beautiful job in that last scene but Barun owned that scene so genuine kudos to him...

    I actually liked the whole episode...nicely built up everyone very much in character...Anjali was actually more in character today than she has been recently! Lol...

    I loved how they showed the last scene....Khushi has been going out of her mind with worry..yes Anjali loves her brother and she was genuinely petrified but its just a different kind of love ....Khushi true to character is breaking down but outwardly holds it together in front of everyone and finally only breaks down in front of him...

    They picturised it perfectly I thought...He spoke to everyone else first and then finally her.

    He doesn't know if he's going to make it back and he has that final word with everyone...

    First and foremost his sister...

    DI...look after yourself don't worry- he's always been her protector and even with what may be his final words to her he says look after yourself...

    Nani...the strict matriarch...the most normal and loving part of a conversation with your mother is just to hear her voice and her instructions and naggings and just her mothering...

    mami...say what you will about her personality but its important to have that fun happy go lucky person who may be a little less than noble and true to character she rambles on and he listens perhaps for the last time to all her inane gossip...

    Akash...its important to pass on the reins ...he can't do it blatantly because the kidnapper will have warned him against that. He know s Akash will be able to handle the business and he'll take Arnav's place at the head of the family and look after the Raizada's ...but he makes a special mention for his Di...and even though nothings really changed and Khushi is still not his he hesitates but can't help instructing Akash...take care of her...for me...

    All the while Khushi just stands...Di, Nani, maim all happily smiling and Payal asks her why isn't she ok now...but she's still just in shocked relief and she obediently waits her turn to speak to him just as he obediently speaks to everyone else first because he has to and wants to make sure he has as proper a goodbye with his family as he is allowed and then finally Akash hands the phone to her...

    Everyone is immediately reassured and happily turns away chattering around Anjali....

    And now away from everyone else...just the two of them...

    He asks her how she is and the damn bursts open...He doesn't need Di to tell him how worried she was...he doesn't need Nani to tell him about sugar free jalebis...he hears it all in her unspoken snobs...

    he's asking her how she is and she completely breaks down crying...thats how she's been since he left...breaking down piece by piece completely petrified...but he can't bear to hear her crying and he tells her, implores her ...begs her to stop crying...

    More than a message or a silent cry for help it was just his own acceptance that he would never see her again, never hear her voice and never hold her again ...and though he hesitates , conflict of mind vs. heart is completely overridden by emotions, he still struggles with the words...unfamiliar with expressing his feelings but he's never going to see her again...it doesn't matter...everything she's done, every way she's broken his heart in ...all that matters is that no matter what he's always been in love with her...and he tells her he loves her... a silent goodbye...

    1. Gargi.....can i give u a virtual hug? beautiful post....

    2. Gargs,

      That farm fuzzy feeling....

      ..."no matter what he's always been in love with her..."

      Humaari dhadkanein ek ho jaati hain

      Jab jo bura kaha uska koi matlab nahi
      Jab jo bua kiya uska koi matlab nahi
      Iss Pyaar main sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahi
      Agar matlab hai to iss bat ki maine humesha humeshaa tumse..

      Khushi I Love You!

    3. Gargs

      Virtual Hugs bey !! still waiting to give a real one soon.

    4. had to leave .. just came back.. gargeee beautiful! awww you put that scene into gorgeous words.. (HUGGS)

    5. Gargi, just started to read all the takes after posting my own ...

      BEAUTIFUL post!!! *HUGS* The last three paras ... simply beautiful !!!

  23. hahaha I was kidding I think it has nothing to do with Aman more likely evil Unclewa..like mentioned above really hope it him because this is waaay to complicated for frankenshyaam to pull off....he should just be a pawn who got Khushi involved because of his own personal lust (DDR)...wheras the grand plan was always to get to ASR via Kamina Jija....

    Hope the final culmination-of everything including Arhi- happens in Lucknow's sheesh mahal...;-)

    (bet he's locked up in the dungeons of sheesh mahal)lol

  24. I thought the reference to Scotland was brilliant - Scotland Yard is commonly used to refer to the headquarters of London Police. Khushi is not going to get that, though. Aaakash can if he applies his mind but I guess Khushi is the only alert one in the family. So it has to be the love confession which triggers her brain cells.


    1. me thought so too.. so may be she does take the help of Police to get to him..

      opti ,
      Akash using his mind is little nahhh at this moment, and anyways his hands are full with Di and AR.

    2. I thought so too ... saying Scotland ... but did he really expect his dimwit Di to get it? He should have emphasized it more to Akash ...

  25. Jeez what a voice modulation by BS. These two are so good at intense scenes.And the cvs wasted saruns talent in OTT comedy. I don't think he knows she is innocent yet there was slight pause when he asked Akash to care of Kushi too.And I think maybe he would have asked sorry too if he knew she was innocent. I hope it is this way will make the ILU even more special.

  26. hayyeeeee...what an episode...second post is surely needed for such a dhamaka episode...with our hero back...today's episode take me back to the Arhi dream world...all that we tolerated - comedy stuff or BS movie/intrv drama is forgotten...Arhi romance/Sarun chemistry taken the place...
    now i do wish Barun continue playing ASR...(his interview was a put off but today's epi made up for it)Arhi wont be same without Sarun...Jaya ur comment regarding the BS intrvw - wow! very well said... no better words...

    regarding the ILU...i feel its a confession from ODB for his life is in danger and he may not get chance again...it will lead to khushi's investigation but it was not said for that purpose...

    1. aww ayesha, thank you.. and yes, i agree "its a confession from ODB for his life is in danger and he may not get chance again...it will lead to khushi's investigation but it was not said for that purpose..."

    2. Ayesha, Jaya - agree with you ladies (and thereby kind of disagree with Dia) - it was said for the right reasons - 'felt reasons' -
      it will lead to investigations, true - but did not seem to be the reason our dear boy spoke -
      but also depends on the last part of this scene - if he says something else as well - something to get her antennas up

    3. Hey bhaggu, mera edit toh padh lo ... I agree with you both ... watching the scene again and absorbing every note, every nuance ... he said it because he had to tell her before he dies ... the Heer Ranjha scene again ...

      But I hope that's what gets her suspicions up ... that he would NOT have said it unless there was something wrong ... especially not after the way they had parted. And I want a HR fb ...

  27. Happy bday Opti...

  28. "Dil pe jo bhi bair beeta teri khair pe vaar diya
    Jal Jalaakar jo bhi jeeta tere pyaar main haar diya.."

    "Seele seele sapne apne pyar ki dhoop se sokhenge
    Neele nainon ki do nehren dil ki baandh se rokhenge.."

    1. Sandy.....


      Aaj din hi bada shayairana lag raha hain....

    2. beautiful .... song/poem ?

    3. Rekha,

      Notice agian how today he did not utter one word for help. Woh apna dard kiseese nahi baantte..but he just cannot stand her tears.

      There was that day when both had bluetooth devices on their ears. They were very close yet very far. He voicelessly called out to her which her heart heard and she responded.

      Today they again hold onto their phones. Theyy are very far yet the breeze tells us they feel each other's presence as if they are very close to each other. She silently sheds a tear of relief at his voice, her sobs wrack her body as her concern for him though silent i sensed by his heart and he responds.

      Today when it seems his life is ending he just wants to be able to wipe away all her tears and to tell her whats hidden in his heart...

      Of course Farak padhtha hai kyunki I Love You!

    4. Rekha,

      Did you feel the contrast, the other day Khushi in her own way wrote out her wasiyat before she planned to end her life.

      Today when ASR knows his is mostly about to end, he quietly listens to what each family member has to say without interrupting them in his usual brusque manner, absoring their voices and affection, tells his brother to take care of Di, her nanhi Khushi and his Khushi and lastly knowing he has agin brought tears to the eyes of the one girl whom he never wnats to see shed those pearls, he ries to wipe away her tears one last time...

      That is portions of the title song from Ishaqzaade

    5. "Of course Farak padhtha hai kyunki I Love You!"

      Sentence complete at last .... ek kidnapping ka kitna faida .... bitwa shaved, got a haircut, dil ki baat bolna seekh gaya .... bare dildaar kidnappers hain :)

      Ishaqzaade ... ok i heard 'mein pareshaan' and it has been on rerun mostly since its music release .... watched the movie eagerly .... why did I waste few hours of my life don't know!

      Have to hear this one too ... beautiful words .... downloading :)

    6. Rekha one more for the mood

      From the movie: Dil Ek Mandir
      "Rukh jaa raat thehar jaa re chanda
      Beete na milan kee belaa
      Aaaj chaandni ki nagari main
      Armaanon ka melaa"


    7. Sandy,

      Agree with you the difference between Khushi, Arnav about their last moments.
      You know what the beauty here is , his convo starts with a sorry and ends with a ILU.
      But when it comes to khushi, I have always said this - it’s always the way he calls her name which what connects them, it’s always her unleash silent tears that is always his undoing,
      She knows it’s her Arnavji, he knows its his Khushi away from ego, hate anger and all MU. Although he doles between ASR/Arnav he knows he has to say it, and more than saying it’s the longing or I would say he said it not just because of it would be his last chance , it’s also as a last hope which he clinging to hear her saying the same, " Hum bhi" .
      Hence I so want a reaction from Khushi today may be just "Arnavji"---- losing the battle to their dil.

      "Mai bhi" will just the cherry on the top, because the shock in which Khushi is I would doubt she would say that.. But you never know !!

    8. @ Sama - haha "Of course Farak padhtha hai kyunki I Love You!" - but ab bhi no complete sentences - it was 'ilu' minus the 'first part!!!!

    9. Sandy, agree with you about their last moments ... she leaves something for everyone to remember her by ... and he just listens quietly to everyone, soaks in their love and their words, that's all he wants to carry with him ... and his only message is to Akash to look after his Di and his Khushi ... ever the protector, passing on that mantle to his brother ... NOT to Shyam, never to Shyam, for Anjali,

      and to Khushi, to wipe the tears he knows she's shedding, and to leave her with the words he knows she always wanted him to say ... the words she always begged him for ... even if he doesn't know whether she really loved him back or not ... but at least he can wipe out the memories of their last meeting with something sweeter ...

  29. Thanks Ayesha. I agree. I too feel it was said because he had resigned to the fact he may not see her again and he couldn't help but bare his heart to her. He wasn't giving her any hidden signals but Khushi's antennae are up and she will spot the trouble right away. Wonder whether he heard her sobs or felt them. Since I couldn;t hear her cry, I guess the latter. Even in his MU state, he knew she will weep for him. Her tears had always been his weakness. He just couldn't stand them. The confession just had to come tearing out of his chest, although he wouldn't have guessed how much it really means to her.


  30. as soon as i switched on my lappy and saw 98 comments- i shut it - got that it was a good episode and so waited for the telecast :D :D

    it doesn't matter now who saves whom or whether he believes her or not - if he can understand her tears without even hearing her whimper - what else can you want!!

    there was a time in life when like a fool, I believed that love made the world go round - then practical life caught up and love become one of the many important things in life - now - IPK has reminded me i am still that fool! :D:D

    now going to read through all the 100 plus posts :D

    1. Monu,

      Tujhi ko yaad kar rahi the rrey!

    2. Mona,

      Had never ever been a fool in love .... even when I was hopelessly in love .... even though I love Love Stories .... it has always been part of fiction that I love; novels and movies .... ArHi is giving birth to the fool in me .... it feels good ... not that bad :)

    3. Mona,

      Chal tere us love makes the world go around feeling ke liye

      "Aankhen khuli ho yaa ho band
      Dedaa unka hota hai
      Kaise kahoon main o yaara yeh
      Pyaar kaise hotaa hai

      ..Jo naam dil pe ho likha
      Ikraar useese hota hai
      Kaise kahoon main o yaara yeh
      Pyaar kaise hotaa hai.."

      Have an Arhilicious day at work tomorrow *wink*

    4. haha thanks - thats exactly what is going to happen - will be of little use with my head in the clouds!

  31. ROFLed moment of the episode -

    HP tum ne shaadi karli?!

    All Prakash brothers have been too good with their acting. Good job ! :D

  32. Opti - its midnight here - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! have a great year :D

  33. so everyone was in character - everyone did well - BUT the game my dear friends belonged to Arhi!! don't care for interviews/spoilers - what matters is that they give their 100% and have to say Arhi gave their 200% today!

    have you guys noticed - every time we have a big spoiler - of something very cliche or not what we want types - we get apprehensive but the CV do deliver then - they deliver magic !(only problem is they fill the bits connecting the magic with ott useless stuff)
    case in point: a second dance - bali wala, button scene, holi, HR act and now this :)

  34. CHalo some new news channel called P7 with an update on IPK. Looks like scenes to come.


    I am going to have a massively crazy day tomorrow. Family arrives colleagues want to work throughtout day and night so am gla I hav been online here and writing tonight..tomm may just sneak in to read.

  35. my dear optee mystic, have a wonderful birthday! i knew it was on 23rd.. so was waiting.. and loved your nautanki with your hubs... arrey jaane bhi do.. even ASR ne I Love You bol di.. now go and romance that hubby of yours.

    god knows my heart is singing today.. tooo much of my heart is on these fictional characters!!

    sandy, rekhs, aaru, those songs.. (swoon)

    in the precap, he was tied up , with a gun to his head.... i burst out laughing. soo comical depiction.

    on a serious note.. now anjali saw khushi lying to her face.. about talking to bitwa. will this cause dire consequences when the sham truth is out?

    1. Opti - waited for the clock to strike midnite to wish you a very happy birthday - enjoy life and celebrate all the wonderful moments that come you way!

      Jaya - most likely, but Nani will probably be there to save the day as she will clarify to Anji as to why Khushi lied....

      Loved the song selections ladies!


    2. Oki so now it's the right day:-) happy birthday once again Opti!!! Hope you have a superb year ... Hugs:-)

    3. Thanks gals.


    4. Dear Opti,

      Once again, on the right day this time ... have a wonderful birthday! All the best for the day and the year ahead :)))

  36. Dear Opti,

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday !! Love your posts. Keep writing and have fun with your hubby :-)


  37. Dear Opti

    Happy Birthday to you.
    Dia Wonderful Episode.For the first time In a longtime watched the episode for 2 times.... On 2nd watch I noticed after TQ came to know ODG lied abt ODB's call TQ completely ignored her.maybe i leave it to you girls to analyse it.Will try to be a regular since, Was overwhelmed with work for the past 2 months.

  38. Opti, happy birthday to you! Lots of love from all of us. ~cheng

  39. Thanks Sahana, Nidhi and cheng. My birthday started off on a wonderful note, thanks.


  40. Dia, hayee your edit! (twirling around and around in a ballet dream sequence) exactly what i thought about it.. this is the first time i see an episode and my viewpoint matches yours.. fantabulous wordcrafting!

    I have to say, applause to the editors of that scene.. I have a feeling the editing team has changed..

    1. Jaya, thanks re!!! Watched the whole thing again in slow motion ... and the ArHi part some ten times ... once they start, you can't stop watching them.

      Those three minutes were just at another level completely ...

      And applause to both the actors and the editing team ... don't know how they acted this one out, because they were in different frames ... but the way they responded to each other was just mind-boggling ... he had to respond to just her expressions, so did she emote in front of him? She at least had some words to respond to ...
      Amazing stuff!

    2. Yes Dia...thats the reason this scene is EPIC....

      I know don't know abt TRPs and their game.....but this story needs to be told yaar...I hope we are not disappointed...

  41. Dia.. Forget about BS and SI..u should take a bow!!! awesome edit...had tears in my eyes!!

    i agree..Anjali's scene was out of place..it was like she suddenly like she remembered her brothers existence...

    those 2 mins were truly epic..his hesitation..and finally saying the words he wanted to say on the wedding day...

    during Khushi's monologue last week..there was this one line where she says "iss ankahe, anjane, unsune ehsaas ko ek mauka toh do" and i was like yes please dono ek doosre ko ek mauka toh do and Arnav's saying the three words was like i feel that despite whatever happened, what i saw, heard!! and that is what makes it so special..
    today..i want Khushi at least to acknowledge what he said..a simple "hum bhi"..as you said she is his strength..and those simple words just might give him the strength to fight and stay alive to go back to the woman of his life!!

    1. Thanks, Anita! :)))

      Yes, I want her to somehow get across that she loves him too ... 'hum bhi' ... or 'aap wapas ghar aa jao' with that break in her voice ... just to give him some hope that she cares as desperately as he does ... and he will get his fighting spirit back ... because it seemed that he had just given up today :(

    2. My thoughts too...atleast let her break down today at his words...he will find the spirit to fight to reach her.....

  42. Dia,

    Kaan pakdofying and doing virtual uthak baithak for having jumped posts.

    Yet to see edit. I have a conspiracy theory about yday's epi. I will wait to see what happens tonight.

    Yes work is killing but I am still hopping in from time to time to read.


    Khushi's Hum Bhi if shone will be a voiceover man ke andar kahi baat - her realization of love but not vocally to Arnav for now (my take)

    And Ani suddenly woke up well did u not hear that rumour that Daljeet wanted to quit *evil smirk*

    1. what are you implying? she got a raise so she is back to waterworks? LOL

    2. Sandy,

      All ears for this conspiracy theory....

      what was the change in Arnav's exp on hearing about Chandu mama or is that my imagination....can't believe that guy wll any role other being the carrier of news or what?

    3. Sandy,
      my conspiracy theory still holds, with the chachaji being the kingpin ... or Arnav's long-dead dad ... I prefer the first, with Shyam having a link to chachaji ...

      So am waiting for your theory now ... let's see if we meet ;)

      And waiting for your reply to the edit ... and for your take ... burn the midnight oil, but I want those two!

  43. this is a story rec.. brilliant...

    pause the music on the page and use this instead.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGoWtY_h4xo

    now go read.

    1. Sorry Dia, mee too "kaan pakdaoing" for the same reason..

      A group Hug for the R&R girls....for all your beautiful comments..

      aye kaash ke hum hosh mein ab aane naa paaye
      aye kaash ke hum hosh mein ab aane naa paaye
      bas nagmein tere pyaar ke, gaate hee jaaye

      ho bas agar tum humaare sanam
      hum to sitaaron pe rakh de kadam
      ho bas agar tum humaare sanam
      hum to sitaaron pe rakh de kadam

      saaraa jahaan bhool jaaye, bas nagmein tere pyaar ke ..

  44. Dia! What a wonderful edit. Btw i've seen photos were khushi's seeking police help.. Feel like i'm stalking now! Lol! Oh also arnav's hand tied in a chair. So excited now that my husband gloating at me. Lol! ~cheng

    1. Thanks, cheng!
      Just saw the pics ... so the story is moving fast now.

      Why didn't the cv's do all this much earlier, instead of wasting time on the stupid OTT stuff? *head desk*

  45. hayyeeee...what an edit Dia...i am trembling - someone hold me....
    your words are like Arhi eyes...filled with emotions...reading your post was like i am myself going through all those emotions....
    ok...HUGSssss Dia and again (u must have heard it so many times from all but today i can say it hundered more times)again thanks for giving this place where Arhi addiction is so normal...we can say we love these fictional characters and to this extent...

    Gargi...loved ur analysis specially "fuzzy feeling" and "a silent goodbye" those three words are indeed a silent goodbye from him...

    i dnt think khushi will say anything as of now...by the time she will be ready to say anything(may be simple Arnavji)...phone will be snatched away from ODB...

    i dnt think Aman is involved in all this but Shyam did go to AR one or two days before Arnav left for London...may be he was there for something related to this whole kidnapping thing....

    1. Thanks, Ayesha :))) Gosh, re-watching the last bit to write was tough ... every time I just got caught up in the scene, and found it tough to actually write ... their eyes speak, man!!!

      200 posts done, girls, more replies and thoughts on the next post!

  46. Did anyone at all recall the scene when the family discovered Anji is pregnant at that family scene????

    Meri conspiracy theory ke liye rukh I need to see how that last scene plays out today

    Also u spoke of expressions, did u think his expression at the start of each member coming on the phone to talk to him seemd EVALUATIVE?

    Damn!! I need to focus on work big time today and all I can think of is ArHi *sigh*

    1. I can't say evaluative becos i am not sure Arnav has reached that stage in captivity (unless he knows something already) but his expressions were different for each member..

      With his sister, he seemed to just wanted to pacify
      with his nani, i thot, he did not react much...There is some baggage in that relationship..can't put my finger to it
      with Mami, he was almost expecting it (except the chandu scene...there was an odd change in exp)
      With Akash, he was all business like
      With Khushi...he was at his vulnerable best while trying to be brave.....

      Can't say evaluative....unless he is getting life's lessons in captivity......The thing is Arnav does not expect anything from anyone except Khushi...he expects a lot from Khushi.

      Poor Sandy...stuck with work...but we will continue to pester

      One more thing, i am convinced of is Anji will not forgive Khushi...there will be circumstances created to support her decision..She was not ready to give K the benefit of doubt today, surely she will not give her benefit of doubt when the Shyam matter comes up...if at all it does...

  47. Also we need the FBs from Arnav POV to know what happened since the airport till the phone call..


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