Wednesday, September 19, 2012

19/9 - Epi 346 ... Sangeet

Wednesday 19th September

Am travelling to India tonight ... no emergency, this is a planned trip :) So will update tomorrow morning. Someone give an update please ... if I'm crazy enough, and the episode is good enough, I might stay up till 3 to watch it :))

Celebrations on one side, plotting and planning on the other.

Very quick update ... Nothing much happened ;) I liked the episode on the whole ... it finally felt like a wedding which everyone was happy to celebrate. Loved that the families got together to do something for the two people who always do everything for their families, who always put their families first ... finally it was the families' turn to show their love.

Sarun parts were obviously shot separately and they had no clue what they were watching.

Did not like khushi's earrings, her clothes were okay. Loved Garima's saree. Did not like the shrieking voice of the female singer, but I liked the mishmash of words ... they matched Mami's speaking and I remembered the crazy parodies we used to make in college for our college functions. It felt like a family sangeet, not like a choreographed show, and I liked it for that reason.arnav had spent money to get trained dancers for the Payash sangeet, it was part of his challenge to Khushi ... here there was no such thing, it was just the families getting together to express their happiness.

So Dadi is keeping her plans to herself, much to Shyam's annoyance. Wonder if this track will lead to the unveiling of at least one of the two villains ...  I hope so! 


  1. So what is the verdict? How was it. My prediction says nothing much will happen till friday when we get a cliffhanger :D

    1. Oh Dia, welcome home :D, have a safe journey

  2. i liked it....the performances were nice....but who told them all the minute details, like the miss-kiss n all.....nannav mere bhai, nk ko sab kuch bata diya...

    barun, sanaya dint have much to do....except look surprised and look surprised...hehehe

    Shyamwa doesnt want to depend on Dadi, doesnt know what she is will be trying his tactics now.....

    the way he laid the photo on her table and told her he knew everything so sneaked in GH and stole the photo...Dadi if u dont see his evil self now, then ur white hair experience gone to drain...:P

    yesterday when dadi was alone involved i was thinking 50-50 chance for remarriage....but now that our personal cupidwa has taken the onus, shaadi toh hokar rahegi....

    1. Geetu,
      Shyam was smart- he explained his actions- you know I am a lawyer- so I got proof for you. well they've developed his character! Someone has poured in all her creative juices in to the villain, at he cost of the rest of the cast!

    2. yeah, he did, but he stole it, doesnt dat tell dadi anything...dis shud raise her alarm antenna....

      bt char dev, i do agree, afterall, she is a girl...gave more attention to the male characters then the female....even asr has more layers then khushi, less said the better....

    3. exactly! he stole a photo from the gupta house.. wonder why dadi does not care for that! but of course, dadi is busy with her own planning..

    4. well he followed with "hum sabood ke bina kuch nahi bolte" or something on that line.

  3. personally, i hated it and actually (blasphemy!) changed the channel .
    but there are a hundred girls on IF who totally loved it, so i guess you will like it.. if you can overlook the singer's voice.

    1. yeah...just overlook the was kinda cute....

    2. I second that Jaya !!

    3. J,

      I wanted to tell the CVs boss, no one knows the ARHI story better than us the fans (tho it is their story) and ofc ARHI leave it to us yaar....but a was fine.....

      btw was the singer the same one that Shweths calls a banshee...

    4. BTW, there were Shyamu's goons in the august guestlist of Raizadas...that same bespectled chor, i can never forget his face becos my kiddo said ..mama...goons don't wear specs...paavam...

    5. LOL gooms in the guestlist.. maybe damaadji invited them ROFL

    6. Tabi toh mein bolon kahan dekha mene .... I really don't like this sudden arrival of so MANY guests.

  4. O Faces were irritating !!

    MamiJi was bootiphool :D

    NK a darling :*

    Payash ... Heeyyyy not bad at all!! :)))

    Nani was too cute ... Damn editors!! *angry face*

    NK-Mami ... won't it have been logical to have NK-Payal jodi!!

    Almost kiss at poolwa ... Haawww Hallwa bol dete toh atleast baat samajh me ati ... baki jo dikhaya woh toh NK ko pata tha.

    Phir yaad aya ... Anji Babe was a sweet little creature once upon a time who did know poolside is ArHi paradise :))))


    Creepwas frustrated face ... oh how I love it !! Back to back 2 episodes .. wah wah wah.

    Knowledge of the day -

    DadiJi is pure evil ... No 2 words there &shaatir too. PotaJi kuch sikhiye aap inse. Sirf gussa inherit karke kaam nahi chalta .. age ka bhi sikhiye.

    Good part was watching entire family come together.

    Cutest scene of the day -

    Aap Bhai ko Na bolenge ... ab ye huwi nah sali-jeeja wali baat :D

    1. yes Sama cute scene, but why did she call Arnav as Arnav bhaiyya :(

      foreshadows any1 ? :(

    2. eeehhh e ka hai bhai??

      iss me kaun sa symbolism dhika aapko??

    3. apni pagal panti spread karu kya ?

      the cv's arent letting my mind off the hook :(

    4. what ???

      she meant Arnav bhaiya (why not bhai, i have nor idea, slip of tongue)for Akash....don't give me a heart it is is Garima chakkar mein phase hain....ab aftershocks nahin jhel payenge...

    5. Arreh kuch nahi .. Bhai Bhaiyya slip of tongue .. we give them too much credit.

      Haldi ke baadh ladka ladki ek doosre se nahi milenge ... how much did we discuss ... ka huwa ... TRP ne sab dho dala ... ROFL

    6. ok...lemme sab se nahi kahungi toh kisse karungi...

      previous post me Mona ko pareshaan kiya tha maine :P

      the thing is somedays back there were spoilers on fb, that cv's are thinking of getting khushi-nk married (which is trp suicide, i know but)

      then there was the dialogue by Nk on haldi that nannav ne kaha hai nk se kaam chala lo....

      also Dadi is gonna lit the bomb on the d-day, we know that arnav is gonna loose it for sometime and vanish (as per the promo)

      so my conclusion (and i want to be wrong, believe me) that arnav vanishes....and to save khushi from stigma NK proposes to take his place....

      if they decide to commit trp-suicide and get khushi-nk married...she will have to call Arnav as Arnav bhaiyya hai na.....

      now, we all know that arnav-khushi is already married and this is just following the rituals for khushi's sake...but but but the new writer is here....
      all hail the new writer Jainesh bhai, who was from ekta camp....and who use to write for kasauti zindagi ki (i hate that story and its lead heroine)

      hence my question ...

      but there is more :P the above ranting is just one part of my mind :D

      the other part is saying since our cupidwa has gotten himself involved today in breaking the marriage, so Arnav-Khushi shaadi hokar rahegi.....hehehehe

      also the moustache scene symbolises that Khushi will become a laughing stock because of something Arnav does...and later Arnav himself will take her away and clear of the daag....Khushi will be angry during all this...

      anyways, do u think Gul n Nissar will ruin their story by getting NK-Khushi married.....nahi na......

    7. well ekta or no ekta ... woh sab baki serials me hota tah because they were not ArHiSaRun ... kisi se bhi shaadi karwa dete the and love will blossom.

      Here IPK fans cannot even tolerate SaRun acting with BDs for very obvious reasons. ArHi equation ko jane do.

      TRP suicide ... This will get a brand new definition if that indeed happens.

    8. hehehehe...yes, hope gul maiyya wont let that happen......

      waise bhi all the current top shows have their leads together, so guess that phase of leads marrying other characters b4 marrying each other is passe for now....

    9. Entering discussions late, caught up here with stuff. I think the Bhaiyya part as well as the Angry Bird signs were from the Spice Girls Hangout. There ARHI are called Bhaiyya Bhabhijee regularly, and many of the Spice girls have the Angry Bird faces as their DP's in protest at so much screen time to villain.

      I watched a part of the Lamp Wick episode, what I noticed there - they have a villain getting away with a lot there too, but the hero and especially the heroine THINK!!! The girl is suspicious, she acts on her suspicions and the villain has to stay on his toes to keep ahead of her. Coming back to IPK, during Payash wedding, VLR was trying all his tricks with the scorpion and failing. High TRP's. Then we had SIX WEEKS of a hero missing in a love story and the TRPs stayed constant - why? Because the heroine was thinking, using her brains, keeping track of the villain, staying just a step or two either behind or at the end, AHEAD of the villain.
      Now what do we have? A heroine who thinks the villain has reformed, a hero who just looks angry but does not a damn thing, doesn't even think about the obvious clues which hit him in the face, and the villain is getting away with everything. In the end does DM have to do everything? Can't her favourite Khushi get a brain or catch a break? Can't our clever hero SHOW his cleverness in dealing with the villain,minstead of only in dealing with his scatter brained wife? Until we see the hero heroine getting somewhere close to dealing with the multiple saazish happening in their world, or at least realising that there ARE plots and plans afoot to keep them apart, the show won't make sense. If you keep showing the villain and now vamp as the only people with brains, the hero heroine are only busy romancing, it loses it's charm after a point ... How much Rabba ve can you keep watching, interspersed only with Khushi's tears and Arnav's anger? We need to progress beyond that now!

    10. dia, welcome back to the interwebs! and i dunno how, but i see a huge angry bird sign when i see/feel your post :D

    11. Dia, the thinking part for the leads is a hopeless case...i dont know when they are gonna start thinking.....

      just imagine, the villain plants cctv cameras in the heros right in front of his bedroom window....he sees a cc bill with an unknown purchase of cctv....and then thread is being followed....

      for when are they keeping all this loops.....m concerned that by the time they thinking of closing em, the audience wud have switched to other channels.....

      btw, i was watching BV today...the episode where the shunted husband vows revenge on his wife....b4 that they showed a discussion between the heroine and her new fiance...and she was telling him why she cudnt forgive the former husband...and i thought it was nice....dont know much bt the current atleast there was a reason for her behaviour, one which wud've looked odd to the general junta.....

      and in IPK, Khushi gets back a killer who she thinks has reformed....

      an attempt to murder is an crime by law, isnt it guys....

    12. I don't know what BV has been all these days but whatever I see now is very captivating. For real reasons too.

      Sugni character in PSH ... right from the beginning of the show very strong and each and every thought of her is detailed with so much care (also her mothers).... wow. If only khushi got this treatment ... Sanaya could have taken this character to another level and IPK would have been slot leaders for sure. A smart, gorgeous and sanskari lead - deadly combo.

      It really hurt to hear my colleague say ... if only khushi had a bit of character and arnav had a bit of brain I could have followed the show. She is mesmerized by SaRun.

      Sad na ... moralistic and shatir dimaag is how ArHi was introduced.

  5. Monu, u r first to comment....yay...

    u r right...i
    It was a day of parodies....songs by Payal_Buaji and Mami_NK...entertaining...
    on the story, the only movement was Shyamu confronts DD and in a roundabout way asks about her plan whereas DD keeps her cards close....
    Shyamu thinking he can't leave it to DD so which means effectively two people working to break the what will that lead to....
    BTW,he has got the G-AD pic cleaned, pata nahin kya kya aur karega...
    there was a classic Shyamu exp today when Anji came to drag him to watch reminded me of Dia's quip "a woman who can drive the saint to murder" LOL actually Anji was good old Anji, the one we always loved....before u-know-what happened...


      very good view bt the sangeet part

  6. shadi hokar rahegi - shiddat to that...because anything else is just a negation of all the trust building and promises so far. Love means finding that calm center with the significant other - and that helps you deal with everything else that happens around you ...whether

    But if not - yet again he is using Khushi as the punching bag for his problems and he deserves to lose her.I like the NK option...
    Reason and references :
    NK saying to Khushi I am always with you...

    ASR saying - iss baar haath choda to phir nahi pakadunga

    Khushi saying - Aap ko hame tang karna acha lagta..Is baar kiya to hum ret ki tarah nikal jayenge aur bhaag ke chup jayenge
    --Arnav leaves Khushi standing at the mandap, Khushi is devastated , NK comes in to support her and she leaves with him , ostensibly to australia and disappears from ASR's world..As Sakuntala disappeared from Dushyant's memory...By the time he wakes up to what he has done - she is gone and he goes into his peetal bartan

    Anjali finding the ring - She will be the one who helps Arnav make peace with Garima and Khushi, and bring the news of Khushi's non-marriage with NK - and then the search for her...

    1. nooooooooooo....yeh nahi ho sakta....aisa hua toh bitwa ke pehle fandom peetal bartan me jayegaa

    2. Geetu,
      I am with you there - fans will desert the show bigtime ..Hopefully the makers have enough sense not to stop the wedding now :)But who knows Gul ke dimaag mein kya chal raha hai - they have kept the NK option open all along

    3. yeah...even m scared of that, they are also giving hints big time....

      read my response to Sama's post....m in 2 says be prepared to quit if nk-khushi happens.....

      other says lots of symbolism plus shyam involvement mean arnav-khushi will happen...pata nahi kya hoga....

      Gul maiyya DM ki laaj rakhna please.....also Anji said yesterday na that ab yeh shaadi thik se honese koi nahi rok sakta.....

    4. nooooooooooo Sri, this simply CANNOT happen...........what was the point of building all this trust over the past year and a half, civil marriage, visit to the secret garden, etc.... it will kill what remains of the story line :(.... am with Shyamu playing the cupid and ensuring that the pheras DO take place.

      Today was obviously a channel demand.....maze ka tha as a filler .... Dia, it also confirmed one of your hypothesis from y'day - DD is going to go for the kill and she will choose the time for maximum impact....was she really at an ashram? Sounds more like a sniper school...

    5. Geetu,
      Unless Gul pulls a really sensitive portrayal of the angst post Dadi revelation - really shows Arnav struggling with the ambivalence of his feelings and maarying Khushi, and slowly Khushi helping him come to terms with it - the interest is going to be hard to sustain...

      But on the other hand I am also sick of Khushi being the doormat ASR tramples all over whenever he is angry - Yeah it sucks to be Arnav, but he is the one pulling the punches, it sucks more to be Khushi more because she is taking the hits for no fault of hers..Somewhere , we have to see the recognition that you cannot take the partners for granted - reminds me of Aap ki kasam - a lovely film and the beautifully written

      Zindagi ke safar mein gujar jaate hein jo mukaam
      Woh phir nahi aate, woh phir nahi aate
      Zindagi ke safar mein gujar jaate hein jo mukaam
      Woh phir nahi aate, woh phir nahi aate

      Phool khilte hein, log milte hein
      Phool khilte hein, log milte hein sunno
      Patjhhad mein jo phool murza jaate hein
      Woh bahaaro ke aane se khilte nahi

      Kucch log ek roz jo bichad jaate hein
      Woh hazaaro ke aane se milte nahi
      Umra bhar chahe koi pukaara kare unka naam
      Woh phir nahi aate, woh phir nahi aate

      Aankh dhokha hai, kya bharosa hai
      Aankh dhokha hai, kya bharosa hai suno
      Doston shak dosti ka dushman hai
      Isse apne dil mein ghar banaane na do

      Kal tadapna pade yaad mein jinki
      Rok lo ruth kar unko jaane na do
      Baad mein pyaar ke chahe bhejo hazaaro salaam
      Woh phir nahi aate, woh phir nahi aate

      Subah aati hai, raat jaati hai
      Subah aati hai, raat jaati hai yunhi
      Waqt chalta hi rahta hai rukta nahi
      Ek pal mein ye aage nikal jaata hai

      Aadmi theek se dekh paata nahi
      Aur parde pe manzar badal jaata hai
      Ek baar chale jaate hein jo din raat subah shaam
      Woh woh phir nahi aate, woh phir nahi aate

      Zindagi ke safar mein gujar jaate hein jo mukaam
      Woh phir nahi aate, woh phir nahi aate

    6. Sri - i love the song and the movie - so with you on it
      But have a diff opinion on ASR KKG - she is taking hits for no fault of hers - true - but he is getting hit too for no fault of his! - in fact while she at least grew up in a loving environment with a dad like shashi - ODB grew up under the shadow of knowing why his parents had died!
      But i do agree that unless they show him standing tall (maybe after the initial shock) and holding KKG blameless - the characters will not have evolved, no growth, no movement - and going back to square one is hardly interesting!

    7. Sri, yes a lovely movie and a lovely song....

      i agree that Khushi shudnt be a door mat.....but the point of the tracks till now was the Khushi and Arnav have become one, they are soulmates who can understand eachother, complete each others words....

      so after all this if they show nk-khushi wedding...or even implying that khushi left with nk...and arnav thinking that they must've a total u-turn from everything

      so m ok if there is a separation and arnav has to redeem himself to win her...just dont want her to be married to anyone else....cause thats not khushi....her character is someone who holds marriage very high....and for her, her love and soulmate, her husband can be only one person...and that is Arnav as they are no amount of stigma shud scare her to marry NK....

      let her leave delhi...finish her studies...make a name for herself... i will be very happy with that....

    8. Mona,
      So let me put a counterpoint here.. True Arnav grew up in the shadow of hating his dad and the double suicide and that is not insignificant..

      Khushi lost her parents as a child too -to an accident...she was brought up by her aunt and Shashi and an adoptive sister - yes loving family but not really her own and she was reminded of that by Buaji everytime she made a mistake..

      Arnav was also brought up by a loving family - Nani , his Di , mamiji and mamaji...all adore him - mamiji even gave him her jewelry to start his business - so there is no rancor on the family side there at all...

      My point is while Khushi never hit out at anyone even in the depths of their marriage - Arnav at every turn lashed out at Khushi ...we can make excuses for the guy but I have never been able to rationalise away his releasing TV footage on an innocent girl just because he wanted to prove her belief in God wrong - that just grates on my nerves...he still has miles on the road to redemption and I hope he is not adding to them ... DM has miles too - she better look out for her girl else people will lose faith :)

      Yes - marriage is important for Khushi- but remember she made a mockery of that institution the first time she got married, for her Sis - so if it comes to Shashi babua getting a stroke or something like that - I think she would do it again...though she would die inside...

      We can only hope that is not the way the story will go and they find some other path to take...

    9. Srisri, if Bauji suffers a stroke, ideally they shud take him to the hospital, rather then getting Khushi married to NK :P

    10. Well if Di was pregnant and shyaam a b*****d ... much better to contact an agent which will 24/7 spy on shyaam and khushi and keep them apart and also keep rest of the family safe till Di has her baby from the creep.

      Same thing really !

  7. sorry to say this but a completely Meehhh episode - Jaya totally with you on this - this is exactly why i did not want a remarriage - wastage of episodes on useless songs and dances and typical SP serial stuff!
    Wanted a revisit of the timelines - but between the leads not in front of all - and the almost kiss - come on - that was a private moment - how could they make it such a public spectacle :(:(:(

    ok - so everything has to be repeat - a sangeet 360 -
    - including Anji's horrid frizzy hairdo
    - last time it was a Scorpio, this time its a pic that VLR will keep missing and finding
    - loads of funny looking, hooting/clapping guests! btw - where did all these people come from? and no one is wondering why a remarriage? - and that after receiving the award for the rudest and most obnoxious guest ever in Tellyworld
    - and did not like KKg's belly button showing from a full length qurta - did not look nice at all - too on purpose for my taste!

    i mean the best thing was actually dadi - the cool villain - and finding a villain who actually has a shatir demagh - even more than VLR - even he thinks she is not doing her bit (like my mom who was very relieved that Dadi actually did a u-turn for her Grandson's sake and accepted KKG!!! had to tell her about the promo!)

    only solace, if the CIC (Cupid in chief) is attempting to take things in his hands - the wedding will happen
    Have a feeling the ASR KKG face off will happen in the garden he took her to - she made him promise they would visit the mother for aashirwad immediately after the wedding!

    1. Mona,

      Exactly why I've been patiently sitting through all the functions- they all seem shallow except for the Arhi moments in private- they've forgotten how to write for the others and the actors have forgotten their original characterisation, plus they are all tense??? As if they know this is a waste of time?

      Chalo, atleast they gave us more trust and convo btn the leads , so all in all re-marriage was not a bad idea.
      When epis like today come, I feel more strongly that remarriage will not happen.

  8. ladies don't worry - no NK-KKG wedding will happen -
    1- it cant - KKG IS married to ASR
    2- if after all the talk of love - either one turns to another even for momentary relief - i was my hands off them
    3 - if like in Ekta style - KKG goes off to another country for a few years - then i wash my hand off the serial with warm water and loads of soap!!!
    (by the way caught a glimpse of bade achey lagtey hain' and saw the lead lady cry and say - its all my fault - my husband is sick coz of me..yada yada yada... and i was like - "Duhhh yah!!! you went off for 5 years - kept him hanging and kept him away from his child - yahh it is you, you stupid woman!!!" - promptly after this i was asked to get out by my mom :D - these used to be my normal reactions before i started justifying everything for IPK ;)

    1. Mona...people love BALH....all my frens mums watch it... :(

    2. oh it was a pretty good serial till the lead runs away for 5 years - dont ask me why??!!!!


      dont know how reliable....

      this is the imp part :
      ' Our source from the set informed us that as per the script the wedding will not be called off and Arnav (Barun Sobti) will tie the knot with Khushi (Sanaya Irani).'

    4. Mona,Geetu,
      BALH was pretty good till the consummation scene. Something happened in the script or something, I don't know I did not watch the serial for a long time after seeing the promos of that. The next time I tuned in, the evil stepmom tok her life for the sake of her step-son.*head desk*. I tried watching again, lo! she is pregnant and run away from her family (she met with an acident while transferred from one prison to other- family deems her dead- madam decides to leave her hubby in peace.*head desk head desk head desk*

      And the latest I tuned in...I suspect the guy is married to her sister??? Reminds me of the other Ram kapoor Ekta kapoor serial- of the 3 sisters- thank god I stopped watching that one when he made love to his wife's sister....

      Did I say anything bad about today's epi anywhere? I am sorry, I take back my words.

      Oh, btw, KK is coming on PV- everyone seems to want to promote their movie with PV...still can't bond with it big time. Thank God for IPK.

  9. If Arnav marries Khushi after he comes to know of Garima's past, it would be a progression in his character. He humiliated her the last time they got married, thinking she was the other woman in Di's life. Now he would be marrying her to protect her honour, 'knowing' that her mom was the other woman in his father's life. The emotional turmoil after that will leave both Arshi and us, viewers drained.

    1. "If Arnav marries Khushi after he comes to know of Garima's past":

      Yes, Opti.
      What you've described following that is beautiful. It could happen.
      What interests me is that restored photograph- was it there to just mislead us, or will it fall into K's hands?
      If Arnav is too stunned to react following the disclosure, will K take the next step? For Arnav, who lost his mother due to the OW, for Garima who is the OW and for Payal who'll have to live with the stigma if the 'truth' is made public.

  10. ???!!!
    Gul, what happened to your creative juices???

    There was nothing remotely cute about the Sangeet.
    OFC, it looked like what it is exactly in the minds of the actors and not in the minds of the characters- there was palpable tension and forced laughter on everyone’s face- except ASR’s who looked cool and amused. Everyone else looked like a caricature of the character!

    Another exception was NK, who is always a cool cartoon- so everything he does, chalta hai. Definitely not going into the details of the Sangeet- this is what happens when ASR tries to organize a party in his house without KKG to organize it!

    And please, if you can’t give Anjali a character (any character’d be fine, now she is blank or void or what do I call her?), at least give her some decent jewellery(hideous look award for the day!).

    Only 2 things made sense in this episode:
    1. Dadiji- she is the only one other than ASR who looked normal today.

    2 .And this:”Lekin humein khulne se pehle hi jaanna tha”: Awww…bitiya, humein bhi, humein bhi…So, KKG was the audience and ASR is te creative team trying to pacify us- and totally confused with us too. *rofl*

    What is going to happen to the restored photograph? Who is it directed for?
    1. Anjali?
    2. .KKG?
    3. ASR himself, so that when dadi breaks the news he won’t be surprised?

    Yeh CVs bhi na, what all twists! Lekin humein khulne se pehle hi jaanna tha….Hmmmphhhh…

    Intehah Ho Gayi Intezaar Ki…..

  11. Saw the epi again...and sort-off pacifying myself :)

    the last seems like the whole family is blessing ArHi... so as to strengthen their bond b4 the impending storm... the storm which is strong enough to blow them away.... as if they need all the good wishes and prayers...

    so Geetu, chill...

    1. the whole family has prayed for their togetherness.
    2. yesterday Garima thanked DM for blessing Khushi with her
    3. Anjali also said that this wedding will proceed as planned.
    4. the biggest factor... DM, will she let her fav daughter marry someone other then her love... her permission and blessing is already there.
    5. Shyam won in the miscarriage track, they won't let him win again. Khushi marrying anyone other then Arnav, will mean a win for shyam....

    any more pointers, girls, please add along....

    1. since no1 else is replying to my comment :( mai khud hi reply karti hu

      nk-khushi wedding cant happen....cause in november Arnav-Khushi are going to UK...and star plus wont take them together if Khushi is married to

      i know u guys are wondering Geetu ka screw kahi gir gaya hai, ek hi raag alap rahi ki what if nk marries khushi.... but m actually saying my thoughts out aloud so that u guys anyone who has some prediction can pacify me :)

    2. haha Geetu - dont worry - we are all with you - and no NK KKG wedding will not happen - it cant! - its blasphemy to show a married lady marry someone else!! - even if they are the lead and in the right - right now - NK and KKG are not even close so no this cannot happen! - you can breathe out now :D:D:D

    3. geetu, too cute bey! did you see the pic i posted below? now tell me, how will NK-khushi marriage happen?

      hayeee how cute is that lopsided smile.. thud.

    4. Geetu, sweetie...

      na na na na na

      NK- Khushi wedding will not happen.
      It will prove Shyam's theory right- that she brainwashed all the Raizada males (though tec. Shyam and NK are not Raizada- coming to think of it, neither is ASR).
      (Plus all the sensible reasons the sensible ladies above have given you)

      Or it might happen....
      if Ekta Kapoor hijacks the show.
      (In case you wanted to concentrate your mind's energy on to something else...*wicked smile*)

    5. Mona, Jaya, Su, thanks....feeling better now...

      Su, ur other theory is also welcome, but it will pinch my heart :(

    6. lopsided grin with his cute wala bunny teeth ... super delicious !! *lambi saans bahar*

  12. They have used the wedding scene of Arnav and Khushi turning away from each other in their wedding attire in the promo. Does it mean marriage but with Arnav confused abt his feelings or they go away from each on wedding day and no shaadi?

    sangeet was cute and very realistic.I was remembering all the dances we did in our cousin's marriages and teasing the opposite side..:-) only the poolside kiss was in bad humour in my opinion. Some things are sacred..some things you NEVER make fun of.They are meant to remain their special memory..something for which they smile at each other knowingly across a crowded room...their personal joke. SIGH! anyways...

    waiting for the relief from the tension for the next couple of days before all hell breaks loose and we have some sad episodes again.

    I felt soooo bad for the scene where she smiles gleefully and claps her hand when NK announces their names and happily shakes hands with everyone..made me recall her dream marriage thougts..she was finally getting all she deserved..and yet again fate will cruelly snatch it from her..even if only temporarily. I am really genuinely tired of watching tears in her eyes.She who makes everyone smile..she who made a stone-hearted Arnav come to life...who turned the Rakshas into the rajkumar..why does she only get tears in return..ALWAYS!?? I think it's high time Arnav proves himself worthy of her love and gives her the love,respect and happiness she deserves and while he is at it can he also beat up Shyam black and blue and send Dadi off to some one-way trip to some remote location?

  13. Just curious about something....since DD wants Garima and her daughters to pay the price of what happened to the Mallik household 15 years ago, do you guys think that Payal will be her initial victim? Just wondering if the CT will take this turn as Deepali's contract will be ending soon.....or do you think they will not go down this road?

    Ouch, not a nice thought....

    1. Aki,
      I feel Payal has been brought up again, probably because that has always been Bitiya's weakness- anything that threatens jiji's marriage+ ASR suddenly gone cold even if it lasts only a minute (stretch it to one or two days)...bitiya might be justified in taking a step backward!

  14. Have not seen the promo yet... What is arnav's reaction when dadi tells him abt Garima? is he angry, sad, just plain confused?

    1. Misha,
      Actually looks like a kind of blank expressio- as if it has to sink in- so... maybe we could call it confused and sad. No shades of anger so far.

    2. su, call it complete and utter shutdown of mental faculty and facial muscles due to shock.. thoda drama toh banta hain yaar!

  15. Sri in response to your point and some thoughts :D

    Don’t you think we have been very very unfair to KKG’s adoptive family – whenever we want to show how much she has suffered we fall back on the ‘adoptive family’ statement – but is that not unfair – the adoptive family has been loving, kind and supportive and never rubbed it in that she was an added burden – yes I know it did happen after Payals wedding broke – but was that not a natural reaction? – parents get to know that one daughter caused the end of the other one’s wedding – would not all of us have reacted in a similar way? (in fact had G not reacted – it could have been said that she is defending her niece – siding with her instead of her step daughter!)
    Yes cool thinking would have told us – ok our kid is not capable of deceit – and that is exactly what shahsi did – the next morning after some reflection – he went to KKG and said I stand by you, but you should have trusted me – come to me – and he was right! At her own wedding – G hitting her – though it was not KKG’s fault – can’t blame the family for the reaction – it was a shock to them. Now contract these two points with ALL the loving moments they have shared – even buaji – was always on KKG’s side – defending her character, she could scold her but no one else! – in fact little things like KKG always going to buaji on her birthday says a lot about their relationship.–
    to me, us using the ‘adoptive family’ stance sounds like us saying – sorry even if a family is loving – they can’t adopt a child as their own – they will always hold a sword over her/him! – and that is unfair and wrong!

    Also agree that ASR also had a loving family – mami and nani and di and the men of the family – so yes they are equals that a ways – both had loving families – (but though nani was loving, she was always strict, stern, remember the earlier episodes – the only time she was soft with him was when he said what am I doing wrong by getting married and moving ahead (after dadi came back) – that’s when nani let her softer side respond to her grandchild. ) –

    SO for me – thus far they are equals but where ASR earns more brownie points on the “poor boy” scale is the fact that he knew what had caused his parents to die – he knew the reason and the after effects! – at an age when mother worship has not been replaced by peer worship – he loses her because of a father who never loved her! Living with that burden is bound to be harder than living with the knowledge that your parents died in a car accident before you were old enough to even register the meaning of it! – while ODG had one loss, ODB had many

    So coming to the point -:D – given the present situation - no matter how ODB reacts – there will be justification in it and even if it seems like KKG is the doormat – she won’t be if she stands by him – to me that will not be ‘nari atyachar’!
    having said that – I so so so want ODB’d character to develop and mature and him to play the bigger man here!

    Now if they try and marry off KKG with NK (Or indeed anyone else) – that will be the heights of ‘nari attyachar’- total demeaning of her character – 1- she is already married – 2- she does not need to be ‘saved from humiliation’ !

    1. Now I know how you all get confused btn me and sri.
      Because I thought the post was addressed to me, but my viewpoints on this is the same as yours, Mona.
      Then I went up and saw it was addressed to Sri.

      'Now if they try and marry off KKG with NK ':

      I think all of us are guilty of having watched far too many Ekta serials!

  16. saw the episode again. forced myself to sit through the cringe-worthy scenes, closed my eyes through the snake-fox scenes, closed my ears in an attempt to subdue the banshee.. but anyway, i saw the episode in full.. and yes, it was a nice, feel good episode.

    geetu, that post you shared,( ) gave me matter to finally like the episode. (ugh, that banshee's still in my head.. and that tune is so catchy!!) yes, the family put together a song-n-dance for them. of course, no one knows why the guests were invited. the whole song-dance sequence had the feel of hum saath saath hain.. and uttraksha naik (applause) did a very good caricature of khushi.

    (batting away imaginary musical notes of "arnav-khooshee ki stooriyaan)

    shwetha, gloatwa way! you were the one who made parodies for akash... now they made parodies for arshi.(facepalm)

    and that almost kiss at poolside.. okay, i am taking the suggestion to remember the challenge-wala kiss right in front of mamiji..but the words of the lyrics were indeed almost kiss.. and i had my outraged face on.. how dare they touch something that no one else knew about? so personal, almost sacred, even to the fans..

    though i did laugh out loud at how mami and NK did that walking-around-and-tripping-on-thin-air-into-his-arms. so cute.

    but they did not act/show the most obvious sign of all.. the teri meri.. i guess the teri meri is sacred to the CT.

    khair chodo.. one full episode of bitwa niharofying his wife instead of the stage.. one full episode of bitiya laughing with stars in her eyes.. i'm happy.

    arnav-khusi on the sofa was all shot separate... why? are they planning another teri meri? dance practice for the actors?

    anjali's jewelry instantly reminded me of khushi's jasmineflower get up.. iss imitation ka kya naam doon?

    that scene of anjali pulling shyam away to stand with the crowd.. seriously! how does this guy endure this biwi? and why did he not immediately run back and pocket that photo?

    poor shyamwa.. never can enjoy any occasion in peace.. be it teej, janmashtami, anniversary, havan, wedding, sangeet, poor bacha har tyohaar mein tension mein rehta he!

    1. "poor bacha har tyohaar mein tension mein rehta he!"

      yeh kis type ki phangurling hai :P :P


  17. giirls, great idea!

    1. It's going to be so much fun when we tell dadi!- rofl.

    2. Dil behla ne ka yeh khayal accha hai Arhi !! ROFL

    3. hamko maloom hain jannat ki haqeeqat lakin....
      hahaaha - oh no poor kids :D:D:

  18. Me too! Second thoughts on second watch:

    Appreciate these points.
    1. Akash showing the Khushi face and then the ASR face to the couple as Khushi approaches to see behind the scenes- yes, I can see some creativity there.
    2. The first Sangeet song- it was really cute- and loved that nani and Anjali ended the sequence there.
    3. Garima was the best dressed of the lot- nice colour combo and jewellery.
    4. Payal's saree- different, a little loud, altogether nice.
    5. Shyamwa- He actually picked up the phone and blasted the guy for sending the photo home when he had told he'd come and collect it- WOW! SOMEONE is REALLY careful with each and every minute detail in the villain's characterisation!

    6. What spoilt the episode:

    That banshee voice-

    in fact that was the only bad thing about the episode- the voice was so shrill- it ruined the lyrics (esp the Khushi Kumari Gupta- made K sound so alien- had it been a sweet voice, the tone'd have sounded better)- that ruined the whole song.
    NK was really cute...
    Agian, I think I did not enjoy mami's act because of the singer.

    it should be a crime to look this gorgeous.. (thud)

    1. words to describe ...

    2. ok seriously ladies - i think we all have lost it - completely! - we are gushing over a fictional pair!!!!! - though a damn good looking one ;) -

    3. ;) i wasnot talking about Arhi, i was talking about SaRun :p

      seriously.. all my teen friends have a khushi-obsession or an arnav-obsession.. girls despair: "why cant they be as gorgeous as sanaya".. and the next gen of boys need seriously look out.. the girls have an almost unhealthy obsession with outer good looks!

    4. Haaayyyeeeeee ..... Why are these 2 cute and hot both at once ... its such an adorable and delicious combo (as in mind feast)!!! :D :D :D

  20. Su and J,

    U guys said it the banshee is who spoilt it all....

    for a PH that has whose music sense is pretty decent, i wonder how r letting this happen...must be some nepotism at play else i can't imagine anyone letting that voice be heard on a tellyshow...its shrill beyond imagination...her voice among the other sounds was like cacophony

  21. Mann saath samandar dol gaya jo tu aankhon se bol gayaa
    Le teri ho gayi yaar sajna ve sajna, ho sajna mere yaar sajna ve sajna

    Jo saath samandar dol gaya tere pyaar mein le bin bol gaya
    Le teri ho gayi yaar sajna ve sajna, oh sajna mere yaar sajna ve sajna

    Tujhe bhar loon apni aankhon mein, in aankhon ko main kholoon na
    Kholoon apni baaton main phir is duniya se boloon na
    Bhar loon apni aankhon mein, in aankhon ko main kholoon na
    Kholoon apni baaton main phir is duniya se boloon na

    Main dekhoon main baat karoon tere saath jeeyoon tere saath maroon
    Le teri ho gayi yaar sajna ve sajna, ho sajna mere yaar sajna..

    Tu aur kissi ka na hona, main jeete jee mar jaaungi
    Teri khaatir duniya se ab tanha hi lad jaaungi
    Aur kissi ka na hona, main jeete jee mar jaaungi
    Teri khaatir duniya se ab tanha hi lad jaaungi
    Maine tujhko kahaan piya ye tan-man tere naam kiya

    Le teri ho gayi yaar sajnaa oh sajna mere yaar sajna ve sajna

    Mann saath samandar dol gaya jo tu aankhon se bol gayaa
    Le teri ho gayi yaar sajna ve sajna, ho sajna mere yaar sajna ve sajnaa

    1. OOH SAMA.....its one of my favourite Sunidhi Chauhan numbers, and i go back to listen to it whenever i hear some inane lyrics mouthed by her now and then... hers is a beautiful voice...meant for soulful lyrics....

    2. yup she is the only one who has strong vocal both for playback and live singing among new singers. she is bindaas too ... i love that :D

  22. just thought of something - the picture is defiantly suspect- could it be that garima was in love with AD but he was not - this was her childish fancy that took a bad turn when AM MUed dad?
    what i mean is - then G becomes even harder to forgive and hence a bigger test for ASR?

    AS it stands now - Poor ASR really had rotten weak parents and Poor KKG has an aunt who even after sooo many years is not truly faithful to a gem of a husband like Shashi! (though the earlier episodes did not say so at all)

    1. Mona,

      They may make it tuf for ASR but it will be more thru mirages....everything will be against G (just like how it was for Khushi) and yet Arnav may go on to support over time...a kind of trust track in a different setting.....

      and then the real story will emerge when she will be proved innocent....meaning she wouldn't be the precipitator of the other words

      follies/experiences in the youth are somethings that can't be seen in very black and white terms in real life but i also understand thats difficult to translate on screen for a majority to accept and given the fact that there is love story at the very base.
      I hope Gul translates this situation in to an interesting track before the actual drama takes over, thats my only hope.

      As long as G has not pursued AD after knowing his martital status, she is above board for me...
      If she has been a reason for Ratna to MU AD, it will be unfortunate and yes...the love story will be diffi to build on, simply becos its a really sad situation..not about right or wrong....BUT I am sure that will not be the case..Ratna would have seen something but it will not be G...

    2. Yup they show such a beautiful mom who brought up 2 moralistic daughters and a great couple who is there for each other in happiness, sorrow and deepest of secrets and then they spoil it by showing her still clinging onto her first love .... even after knowing (from her POV as yet) he has cheated her.

      Shyaam could have just listened to all Dadi-Garima conversation. There was no need for him to plan the meeting. it could have totally happened without creep actually. Should have happened long back. Pata nahi kya khichdi banate rehte hain.

      Hum ArHi wale achar ke saat chatpata banake aur bang ki tandak ke saat khate bhi rehte hai !!!

  23. Redux seems to rife with the theory of G having a thing for Chacha in the may turn true but then i don't know how they are going to explain her looking at the photo of the elder bro with a feeling that almost borders devotion....(pointed out by Opti earlier as well)

    unless the Cvs don't plan to answer that question much like the others whih have consigned to the annals of IPK history never to be brought up again...

    1. Rekha,

      Chachaji or no chachaji- anyway, they have to explain how that picture happened in the first place- the devotion part is only the second part. Obviously, the two of them knew each other well to get that happy pic clicked together.(Did evil chachaji click it while they posed for it?- not expecting to get that detail.)

      That much about how the two of them came to be in the same pic has to be explained sometime or the other, since there is not one, but two of those pics floating around. (Unlike our dear old friend, 'the will' who unfortunately does not have a twin, and might be dangerously forgotten, until Arhi's grandchildren pick it up one day from the store room.)

    2. hehehe....inse toh kiss nahin hota aur tum grandchildren ke bharose baiti ho.....humare ARHI prem ki koi seema nahin...

      khair, mera point tha ki...story mein G ko innocent hona padega...aise ya the CVs do that is the question otherwise ARHI ki ghadi mushkil main pad jayegi...ab TV audience mein itna breadth of perspective nahin hain ki woh yeh sab jhel jaaye. The fact remains that even if G was guilty of anything, its not K's fault but then this situation will not be black or white anymore

  24. Su, can't respond on the post so here goes, yes u and I do see eye to eye on most posts :D and the post was for sri and all in general, so resposes are very welcome :D

    1. Mona,

      I read ur post and i agree with u on that completely...

      Not related to IPK, i wish to make this point, in some ways the situation of adoptive families is really "damned if u do, damned if don't"...and that has to do more with people's general perception and the typical stereotypes that we build it around. Its as if every action is under a microscope.

      Somehow that issue is rarely dealt with maturity in reel portrayals.It swings between extremes.....either u will show rude behaviour or fawning if normal is not the norm for such relationships which in reality is far from the truth for many families that are in such situations...

      coming back to IPK, they did not dwell much on Khushi's upbringing. To all accounts and purposes, she grew in a loving environment..Yes,Buaji's behaviour has undergone change, maybe some of that behaviour was to push that situation of Shyam becoming K's fiance which was the time when she was insufferable......but that portrayal can hardly be the base to determine what has caused Khushi to consider herself eternally indebted to them...sometimes it can be complex that one develops not necessarily due to reciprocal behaviour. Or its in the nature of some people to be sacrificing (READ SP LEAD HEROINES)

      Frankly, the CVs have not sent that much time on her character...thats why they get her to do the strangest things all the time...


    How reliable is this spoiler?
    KK might come?


      A nicely done VM.It flows...

  26. Very short but my eyes feel warm :

  27. did u guys see this

    1. Hahahahahahahaa

      Best is past wala pic. *shakes head*

    2. He calls himself Mohan ... Shall we take it as symbolism that shyaam will be exposed now that L. Mohan is back !! ROFL

    3. i meant the past wala.....i thought that was the last *embarassed*

  28. todday's epi.. swooon...

    will be back after jashn manao-ing in la la land.

    (and like i said.. end the episode on bitwa's smiling face, and saat khoon maaf!)


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