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Sanaya Irani interview with Raj Baddhan 16/4/13

Sanaya's radio interview with Raj Baddhan 16th April

Written update

Complete Written Update  - oh boy, this took some time! It was a long interview!

Sanaya introduces herself 'hi this is Sanaya Irani and you're listening to Raj Baddhan on Sabras radio!'

Raj introduces Sanaya 'This afternoon I have as a huge star with me, someone who is a darling of the TV world, one of our favourites of the show as well and a friend of the show too. We spoke to her last year too and she's back for more. It's Sanaya Irani of Chhanchhan fame ... Hi Sanaya ...
 Sanaya - hello

Raj says hello and ask how she is and she says she's fine and asks him. He says they met last year during the SPL event in Birmingham and now since the last month she has gone live with her show Chhan Chhan which he congratulates her on that.
Sanaya - thank you, thank you so much ... 

Raj – How does it feel to be a part of Chhan Chhan then? As it is a change from IPKKND
Sanaya – Yes it is different from IPKKND, it is not a love story like Iss Pyaar Ko was. It's a different story which is why I took it up. I intentionally wanted to do something different because you don't want to get into the same thing again as it gets boring for an actor. You want to do something different and that's why I took up Chhan Chhan.

Raj – When you were offered the role of Chhan Chhan, what was it about the role that you really liked?
Sanaya – I like the fact that the character is very real and that she is a today's girl. I honestly don't have to put that much effort to do anything as she is very real. Like Khushi in IPKKND, she was crazy, she was over the top so I had to make that effort to be over the top. With Chhan Chhan I'm just trying to keep it real, there is nothing crazy about her, there's nothing overly different about her, she's just a normal girl, she's today's contemporary girl. And it's about how people say today's generation is very modern and they behave in a certain way, it is to show that yes we are young and the way we are but what we think isn't wrong or what we do is wrong and that's what I think we are trying to put across through Chhan Chhan.

Raj – What parts of Chhan Chhan can you relate to? What parts/characteristics are similar to Sanaya Irani in real life?
Sanaya – Uh  ... oh, a lot. There's very less that's not ... because Chhanchhan is a today's girl like I am. She's been born and bought up in a family that is very open-minded, the same way that I have. I'm just trying to keep it as real as possible, I'm not doing anything over the top, it's pretty much like what I am ... she's just a normal, simple girl.

Raj – Sanaya by the way, last time we spoke, we spoke about all the social networking sites, and with all the backlash of IPKKND going off air and you weren't so keen on going on social networking sites. Have you got any plans of going on any, as there are so many fake accounts of you?
Sanaya – There are a lot of fake accounts, a lot of people have told me 'oh I thought you were on twitter, or we thought you were on facebook.' No I'm not on any and I don't think I ever will get onto any social networking site, as I just don't have the time for it, or the energy for it.

Raj – That makes my job a little easier then. Because I've got so many questions from Twitter followers. I tell you, I announced the interview yesterday and since then sabhi deewana ho gaye hain (all have gone crazy) after you. So there's a question ... How do you think Chhan Chhan is shaping up for you?
Sanaya – It's shaping up good, I'm enjoying what I'm doing and I think that's the most important thing. As an actor we spend a lot of time on our sets and I think to go to work and be happy there is important. It doesn't matter how well or not well the show does, you have to be happy with what you're doing and I'm very happy with what I'm doing and I think it's just going to get better. 

Raj – Yeah because, that was the second part of the question, because obviously Chhan Chhan launched really well but then the TRP's for the second week went down a little bit in terms of average but obviously it's still early days isn't it?

Sanaya – Yeah it did go down but I also think everyones TRP's went down as the IPL has started. Sony caters more to the urban audience I think and there's still a bit of digitization going on so ... the  TRP's aren't very clear right now. From what I hear from people, a lot of people are watching the show so i am kind of surprised the TRP's have gone down but I'm just going to wait another two months, month and a half until the IPL gets over and then see what happens with the ratings. But then for IPKKND for the first 3-4 months we didn't have good TRP's too and it was after that the show picked up and people started liking it so I'm hoping the same will happen for Chhan Chhan.

Raj – How is it working with Farhan Khan till now?
Sanaya – Well Farhan is relatively new, he's not completely into the groove as yet ... he's more in the learning process right now so it's okay working with him. It's obviously more fun to work with someone who is already an established actor or is an actor but Farhan is learning and I'm trying to help him as much as I can to make the process easier for him, so hopefully it should get better. 

Raj – Sanaya I'm sure you have seen the reports earlier this week about Farhan Khan being replaced on the show, is there any truth in that?
Sanaya – I really don't know. These things (laughs) actually are kept as the biggest secret from the actors ... what is going on in the show, what is happening. See, when a show starts, lots of things happen on the show, lots of teething problems and for the first 3 months lots of things get changed on the show. It's the learning process for the show and once you are on track everything is fine. I haven't heard anything about Farhan getting replaced I don't know where any of these rumors come from ... I haven't heard anything, so I'm not sure.

Raj – Which dogs are your favourite in Chhan Chhan as the dogs play a massive role in the show?
Sanaya – Awww, I can't choose one but yes, I have two favourites. Goldie, the one that's the spaniel Anarkalli and the Shihtsu Puch Puch. 

Raj – And would you say that there is any kind of difficulty working with the dogs?
Sanaya – I love dogs, I love Goldie, the Cocker Spaniel because I had a Cocker Spaniel so they are just crazy and the most loving breed I have ever come across. So I love shooting with Goldie (Anarkalli) ...A complete riot, very hard to shoot with, very hard to calm him down but still a lot of fun. And the Shih Tzu (Puch Puch) is like a toy, no matter what you do with it, it will not do anything to you so it's fun and cute shooting with it.

Raj – By the way, Sanaya, not only dogs but a snake as well, how scared where you when you held the snake in your hand?
Sanaya – I was ... I don't know if I can say this, but I was shit scared! (both laugh) I was so scared ... and that snake was hissing all over the place, and when I asked the person how long had you caught the snake for he said that he had caught it just three days back. I asked because it was attacking the actual person who bought the snake there. I was really scared shooting with the snake ... I just about managed to hold it and managed to  keep a smile on my face while shooting and holding it.

Raj – How different is it playing Chhan Chhan from all your previous roles so far?
Sanaya – It is different from the other characters and I'm sure people must have noticed that ... but it's more real. Like, I don't have to bring a quirk to the character, I don't need to add anything different to the character, like normally it is a girl from a small town who is very simple and quiet but that's not how Sanaya is. So then I have to put an effort in doing such roles ... like when i did Gunjan ... she was very quiet and sweet girl. Then there was a Khushi who was absolutely crazy and over the top so I had to do that ... like I had to go out of my way to do that. But Chhan Chhan is a very real, very today's kind of girl. But I'm just trying to make sure that a no point do I cross the line and make Chhan Chhan look anything like Khushi ... so that's the effort I have to put into this character. I have to try to make it look as different from Khushi ... even though both the characters are very fun loving, very bubbly ... so you know ... there's a really thin line between them and I have to make sure I don't cross that line.

Raj  - Chhan Chhan is a modern show so is there any type of track you would like the show to take and deal with in terms of storylines?
Sanaya – No ... I like the way the show is going and I know where the show is going to go too so I'm aware of that and I like where it is going to go to. I just hope that it's executed as beautifully as it was written. I've heard the narration of the show ... obviously the execution is different from what is narrated to you ... so I just hope the execution follows the narration and it will be a great show. 

Raj – Is it nervous to be working with Supriya Ma'am as she is so senior?
Sanaya – Oh no .. she is so wonderful. I have so much fun doing scenes with her because firstly she is such a good actor ... and when you have a good actor in a scene with you, it makes you want to act better. so ... I love my scenes with her, she is absolutely perfect and absolutely fabulous and not even 1% of me was nervous around her.

Raj – When you first started shooting for Chhan Chhan, like you know first day, when you first start school you know that apprehension you have in you ... did you have the same feeling when you did the first shoot of Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon?
Sanaya – Yes  .. I think that happens with every show. With IPKKND it did happen too. In fact, for the first 10 days I remember I would cry after pack up as I would think I could never do that role because it was very hard for me. With Chhan Chhan, every day after pack up I just think how can I not make this look like Khushi. How can I make this look different ... because as an actor you have to make people fall in love with your character and I want people to fall in love with Chhan Chhan now. I want people to call me Chhan Chhan now and not Khushi. So I'm trying really hard to break that and get into this.

Raj mentions a fan who has been following Sanaya since Radha Ki Betiyaan and Sanaya thanks her and gives a little shout out and says she hopes she is getting better with every show and just keep watching.

Raj – How would the love story develop? And Purvi needs to start fighting her own battles rather than depending on Chhan Chhan.
Sanaya – That is Purvi's character, she's not really the fighter and I think we come across a lot of people like that. I have friends who are not very outspoken, and would keep quiet and say forget it but then you have people like Chhan Chhan, like me, Sanaya, ... and i would be like 'no, we need to do something about it and get it done right.' I believe that in life, there is right and there is wrong and it doesn't matter if it's your mother/father, right is right and wrong is wrong. Just because they are your parents and just because they are older than you doesn't mean that they can never be wrong. So Chhanchhan is a girl who tries to put everything wrong, right.

Raj – Do you get more time off the show to spend time with family/friends as the show only airs 4 times a week instead of 5 like IPKKND?
Sanaya – No ... I am not ... because when a show is new, it takes up a lot of time as everything is shot much slower than normal. We spend more time on each scene and everything is shot ... the amount of time you're spending on the sets is just the same. And if you give somebody more time then they will take more time. So I don't get more time with Chhanchhan ... nd I have heard that it will go 5 times a week so when that happens it will just get worse.

Raj – Have you been keeping in touch with Barun and of course his film projects 22 yards is going to be his forthcoming film and the other (Main Aur Mr Right)?
Sanaya – I have been in touch with Barun ... but we really don't discuss work when we all meet. I've been in touch with the entire IPKKND team and we meet very often but the last thing we discuss is work. We are just happy to see each other and that's about it.

Raj – Do you ever get time to see these tweets or face-book messages and accounts that people send and talk about you?
Sanaya – No as I really don't get the time but I do get to know of it from people like you (Raj) and there are many more people like you who keep me informed. And it's really sweet that I have so many people out there appreciating my work and watching my show and I just hope I make them enjoy watching Chhan Chhan as much as I made them enjoy watching IPKKND. 

Raj – One thing of Chhan Chhan's character that you love the most, and one thing that you would change about her?
Sanaya – I said this like 5 times, but I will say it again ... What I love most is that she is very real and very close to what I am ... so that's why I love it because I love myself! 
Raj - Anything you would like to change?
Sanaya ... No what would I like to change about her... thinks hard and again No. No. There's nothing I would like to change about Chhan Chhan
Raj laughs ... Nothing?
Sanaya ... No ... but there is things that I would like to change about Sanaya. 
Raj - laughs...  What would you like to change about Sanaya?!
Sanaya - I would love to be a calmer person, I get too hyper sometimes and I would like to be calmer, and snap less sometimes.
Raj – Everytime I interview you, I love your interviewing skills because you are so like me, vibrant and so loud and I love it.
Sanaya – I am too loud and I would like to change that. 
Raj - No way! 
Sanaya - ya ...Sometimes when I'm doing a scene my director tells me you are really loud, you shout a lot, and you don't need to shout in the scene and I'm like 'No Sir that is just me' but I'm going to try and keep it down. 

Raj – There has been a lot of rumours about you doing Jhalak Dikhla Ja, is there any truth in those rumors?
Sanaya – I was offered Jhalak and I would love to do Jhalak, but unfortunately I cannot do it as shooting for Chhan Chhan is very hectic. I love to dance and I took this decision consciously as when I do Jhalak, I want to do it right. I will only get one chance to do it in my life, you can't do it twice so I want to do it right when I do it. I want to have enough time to do it and I want to enjoy what I do and I don't think shooting for 12 hours during the day and rehearsing 8 hours at night, I'm not gonna be having the energy or any stamina  to do what I am doing right now. So I consciously took this decision. I hope in the future I am offered Jhalak again and ... Chhan Chhan has just started and it would be unfair of me not to give my 100% to the show and try to divide my time between two shows, which I don't want to do. I want to give my 100% to Chhanchhan, and if Jhalak comes to me next year, then hopefully Chhan Chhan will be a settled show and I will have more time. 

Raj – Sanaya when are you coming back to the UK, any plans?
Sanaya – You all call me and I'll come! You need to tell Sony to get me there.
Raj – I will ... I'll definitely speak to Sony about getting you here, don't worry about that. It's been lovely chatting you Sanaya, thank you very much for your time.
Sanaya – Thank you so much and all the best.

This girl is a ray of sunshine! Listening to her brings a smile to my face! She is so clear cut and logical in her thought processes, a really intelligent actress.

In the teaser of Chhanchhan on BALH, I saw a big hangover of Khushi. In the very first episode of Chhanchhan itself, I saw the difference between Khushi and Chhanchhan ... the major difference was in the body language. Khushi was very young, gawky, girlish, and her expressions were always a little bit exaggerated and over the top. From the very first episode of Chhanchhan, there was a difference. CC's expressions were much more restrained, so was her body language, she is not a child-woman, she is a young lady, very sorted and confident ... in yesterday's episode, she was a shy young girl in the first throes of attraction, but the difference between the shyness of Chhanchhan and the childish innocence of Khushi is huge.

And that is the biggest effort she has to put into Chhanchhan, to keep on the right side of the line between CC and Khushi ... because otherwise playing Chhanchhan is quite easy for her ... LOL, I did say Chhanchhan is not going to be a challenging role for Sanaya, because it's very similar to what she really is. 

Loved her explanation for not doing JDJ ... again, very logical and sensible ... she will get only one chance at doing JDJ and she wants to do it right, and give it her best. CC has just launched, and right now she wants to give CC her best, as it is in the initial phase and may need lots of tweaking. So do it right, do it wholeheartedly and with full concentration, and do the best you can. No compromises on what she has committed to - once she has committed, she will give it her very best.

She is in touch with Barun and all the cast of IPK, they meet very often. 

She loves working with Supriya P ... working with a good actor is great because it challenges you, and makes you act better.

Chhanchhan might go five days a week ... whoopie!!!!

Hehe ... Sanaya says she is too loud and would like to change that ... I did say last week, that she was too loud in some scenes ... apparently both she and her director think so too!!!

Chhanchhan meets Arnav - SBS
Silly tagline and heading ... Chhanchhan doesn't meet Arnav at all ... it was SBS remembering Arnav Khushi ... and Sanaya talking about Barun's reactions to Chhanchhan ...
It seems SBS is missing Arnav and Khushi more!
Sanaya was looking simply gorgeous in white ... stunning!!! Glowing face, glowing smile ... she was looking ethereally beautiful! She is one elegant classy lady!

Photoshoot of Chhanchhan - Sanaya, Farhan and Supriya P
This girl gets more beautiful every day! But Sanaya dressed in white is still the killer - she looks completely gorgeous, classy, elegant, all rolled into one there ... glowing beauty!
Chhanchhan Uma Ben shoot was supposed to be 'tashan' filled ... as usual, Sanaya couldn't help laughing momentarily there! And the way she was happily eating both the ice creams ... so totally Sanaya!!!
Really like her wardrobe in this show ... very classy and nice! And with her figure, she carries everything off so well!


  1. Added SBS links ...

    SBS segment on Arnav meets Chhanchhan 16/4

    SBS segment on Chhanchhan photoshoot - 17/4

    1. Dia,
      Sanaya is right, as usual. She should do JDJ, while on a break. Thats the only way she can do full justice to the dancer in her.

      Watched a full epi of CC without interruptions after a long time. She has eased into the character quite well, now. She is neither Khushi nor Gunjan- and not even Sanaya. That is quite an achievement, considering there are not m,any shades to this character, yet she has given her a new identity. WOW! That is an intelligent actor, for me. I bet those expressions are coming without any effort put in by the director.

      Farhan has got better. Thankfully neither need to be loud, now that they have called a truce. Did Manav exchange their phones? I thought I caught a slight blush on his face. May be I imagined it.

    2. Yes, Su, Sanaya has her head very firmly on her shoulders as always. She gets one chance at Jhalak, she wants to give it her best. And I noticed yesterday, again she is shouldering the bulk of CC on her shoulders, she is in most of the scenes ... she and Supriya are the constant features in the show. There are very few scenes without either one or the other. So Sanaya knows very well that the first few months are critical for Chhanchhan to take off and settle down, and she has to be there full time for that.
      A really intelligent actress ... a very intelligent person. And very dedicated to her craft ... she gives her best in whatever she does.

      I saw from the first episode itself the difference in the body language of Khushi and Chhanchhan ... it was good to know that this is something Sanaya is working on so consciously. Again, a very intelligent actress ... most seasoned actors also don't manage to shake off their mannerisms from film to film or from show to show ... of course, I can't think of too many TV actors who have done such diverse and diametrically opposite characters on TV, let alone managed to make them so different.
      In this respect, I always remember Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi ... three films - Masoom, Paar and Mandi ... three completely different characters (for both) from completely different walks of life ... and the way they played them was utterly brilliant!!! Not a trace of the actor in the character, they were totally immersed in the roles, down to the body language, way of talking, everything. Vidya Balan is Kahani is another - she looked the pregnant woman completely - of course there she was acting at being pregnant - or rather, her character was acting :) But Vidya's way of talking remains pretty similar in all her movies.

      TV doesn't even offer such diverse roles for the most part, yet Sanaya has managed to do this for the three lead roles she has done/is doing ... make them all totally different from each other. Differentiating between Gunjan and Khushi was easier, of course ... the personalities were very different ... in Gunjan, I was always amazed at her voice modulation as Gunjan, which was so completely different from her normal voice ... she actually started off Khushi with a trace of Gunjan's voice, but that disappeared very quickly, within the first week or even less.

      Between Khushi and Chhanchhan, the differences are there mainly in the background of the character, not their basic personality ... and Sanaya has managed to bring that out effectively. And she is obviously THINKING about how to do it ... again THAT is the hallmark of an intelligent actress.

      I don't think Manav exchanged the phones purposely ... he was surprised to hear the barking ringtone :))) Farhan has definitely improved ... I saw a ChanMan VM yesterday ... it was quite good!

  2. Nice interview
    Don't know why but i felt CC is not the reason for taking up JDJ. I feel she wants to avoid extra attention from media I mean first taking up a show on sony which don't bother about viwership and then refusing JDJ *confused* I guess I am thinking too much but my mom made me think that way lol she was like why is she not taking up now when she was ready last year when pressure on her was more(barun on 1 month break and the show was for 5 days.
    Also I feel after this show she will take a longish break considering she feels she has done different types of roles and she is right to an extent.I guess she is planning to get married but waiting for mohit to get settle because after MJHT he is still struggling to get a good role lets see.
    About farhan i can understand how she feels I mean after working with barun with whom she had a good equation both onscreen and offscreen she is feeling difficult to work with FK. To be honest I find him creepy lol the way he speaks is just weird and comes across a bit overconfident. He is the weakest link in CC I hope they replace him with some good actor maybe viraf waise bhi he is vela these days imagine supriya-viraf-sanaya what a combo.
    And agree with you about sanaya differentiating CC from khushi she has done a good job though i wish cv's add some grey shades to her character like uma ben maza aajyega.


    1. I don't know, NB ... Sanaya is pretty straight forward and IPK was dependent on her and Barun both ... if Barun could take six weeks off for a movie, maybe she felt she could also take time off ... plus there were parallel tracks in IPK ... they didn't work, but they were there :)
      In Chhanchhan, currently it is all about her and Manav, and her and Uma Ben ... the pressure is on Sanaya because she is the most popular name.

      I hope she doesn't take a longish break, marriage or no marriage ... but I'm being selfish! :))) I love watching her on screen, that's it.

      Yep, I'm not completely happy with Farhan either ... although I do feel he has improved, and the guy is trying hard, there is no doubt. But he is still no match for Sanaya, and he is the weakest actor in the bunch, even Himanshu is better. I won't really mind if the PH replaces him with a more experienced actor. I saw an off screen segment of the shooting and even the director seemed to be getting impatient with him. I guess it's the first month, they will give him a chance now that they have signed him ... but it's early days, if he doesn't match up, he can be replaced before the jodi picks up steam.

      I would love Viraf ... but I think for the character, Viraf looks too old. They need a boyish look. Viraf is a man *sigh* I STILL have a Sanaya-Viraf show on my wishlist ... can you imagine the offscreen segments? They will be a hoot!

      CC will not be grey ... she will be more typical heroine than Khushi was. The thing is, Gunjan was not grey at all either, but she had her weaknesses ... CC should have some weaknesses too. I like the scene with Daadi when she is worried and upset and Daadi counsels her ... that made it more real than a CC who is super confident and always knows what to do.
      But most of all, I am enjoying an intelligent normal girl ... I loved Khushi, but she was too wildly crazy and too childish at times ... and of course I hated the OTT. So far I LIKE Chhanchhan a lot ... as a person. She's smart, confident, outgoing, not egoistic ... and I like the little flashes of hot temper with Manav ... that keeps it real.

    2. Actually after seeing her scene in IPK where she was faking to take revenge from arnav while shyamu was doing mental bhangda I so wanted her to do a negative role i mean she was fab in that particular scene.I hope she does that kind of role some day :)

    3. oh i forgot to write my name chalo i'll write it here

  3. Interesting blog
    Talking about loud actresses you should listen to that zoya girl from qubool hai.SHE IS SHRILLNESS KI chalti phirti dukaan

    1. ROFL ... agree with you completely ... my main reason for not watching that show is because I haven't warmed to Zoya at all! She is too loud and shrill for me.

      Welcome here, are you a new reader?

  4. Yeah a new reader,stumbled upon this blog while searching for another one.Glad I did.Her facial expressions arent too bad if you ask me,did you watch that graveyard scene where asad tells her about her father being dead? I liked her there.
    But they seriously need to stop coming up with these bubbly heroines....bahot ho gaya yaar kuch naya dikhao


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